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Plug and Play Supply Chain & Logistics Selection Day, July 8 2017

Freightera wins Plug and Play Logistics Accelerator selection

Great news, friends: Freightera wins Plug and Play Logistics Accelerator selection! Plug and Play Ventures renown Silicon Valley venture fund has selected Freightera as winner for their “world’s largest” accelerator program placement. We were invited to present at a private [...]

June 19, 2017 Welcome to Freightera Blog
Eric Beckwitt: Owler's Top CEO winner Freightera

Eric Beckwitt: 2017 Top Rated CEO

Who are Canada’s most liked CEOs? Our CEO Eric Beckwitt is!! At least according to Owler! We just received 2017 Top Rated CEO winner badge from them. Congrats, Eric! And, please-please-please, stay that way 😉 Based on Eric’s rating today, [...]

May 30, 2017 Welcome to Freightera Blog
Office ergonomics guide

Office ergonomics guide – A better way to sit (if you must)

Carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, sciatica… Been there too? Ouch! The truth is that we humans aren’t exactly designed for office work, and pain is how our bodies remind us of that. Well, but what if you have to “sit [...]

May 10, 2017 Welcome to Freightera Blog
Freightera Hyper-growth Event Vancouver 2017

Freightera’s Hypergrowth Celebration 2017

Yes, we’ve completed our second annual Freightera shareholders event! It was awesome to see old friends and make new ones at the Freightera Hypergrowth Celebration on March 28th at City Center Winery in Vancouver. Thank you, dear guests, investors, friends, [...]

March 29, 2017 Welcome to Freightera Blog
COP22 Conference on Climate change

What The Election of Donald Trump Could Mean for Freight Shipping

On the morning of November 9, when the US Election results shocked and surprised almost everyone, I was at COP22, the UN Climate Change Conference in Marrakech. COP22 is the epicenter of negotiations on clean energy and climate change issues, [...]

November 21, 2016 Freight Shipping Solution
Freightera CEO Eric Beckwitt Interviewed by Climate Home at COP22 in Marrakech

Freightera CEO Eric Beckwitt Interviewed at COP22 UN Climate Change Conference in Marrakech, Discusses Green Future of Freight

Climate Home Interview with Eric Beckwitt at COP22, Marrakech In the interview with Climate Home, Freightera CEO Eric Beckwitt discussed his vision for Green Future of Freight. He explained how significant it is that aviation and ocean shipping aren’t yet [...]

November 16, 2016 Green Freight
Freightera wins TIA for Excellence in Product Innovation. 2016 Technology Impact Awarda gala at the Vancouver Convention Center.

Freightera Wins 2016 Technology Impact Award TIA for Excellence in Product Innovation

It’s one thing to be among the finalists at the exciting 2016 Technology Impact Awards TIA Gala held by the BC Tech Association in the Vancouver Convention Center, socializing with the beautiful and dressed up local tech crowd, it’s another [...]

June 9, 2016 Technology & Innovation, Welcome to Freightera Blog
G7-article Freightera Green Freight Image

Yes we can! Freightera’s green future for freight vision released in CCTNE publication for G7 Summit

Yes we can! Technology allowing us to decrease emissions from freight transport significantly is here now and that’s what our article on “A Green Future for Freight” is about. It was just published in the 2016 G7 Summit issue of [...]

May 25, 2016 Green Freight, Welcome to Freightera Blog
Movers and shakers in freight brokerage industry in 2016 Freightera

Bridging the asset world with the technology world

Dan Goodwill & Associates’ most recent blog “Technology Comes to the Freight Brokerage Industry in 2016” is a great overview and includes Freightera among other tech companies “bridging the asset world with the technology world.” “Every few years I like [...]

May 16, 2016 Welcome to Freightera Blog
social responsibility is a guide, a moral compass

What is social responsibility?

When we first put a heart on our website and banners, it felt courageous. Yes, it’s how we feel about our business and our contribution, but how does it look in the eyes of our partners and customers? Can the [...]

April 29, 2016 Welcome to Freightera Blog