Freight Rate Update: Refrigerated Freight within Canada & Parcel Shipping within the USA

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Reefer LTL Pinnacle5 pallets, 48x48x48″, 500 lbs each, total weight 2,500 lbs

  • From North York, ON, to Pickering, ON. Now: $261.19 CAD
  • From Toronto, ON, to London, ON. Now: $321.46 CAD
  • From Vaughan, ON, to Kitchener, ON. Now: $321.46 CAD

UPS Parcel: 1 box, 15x15x15″, 30 lbs

  • From Los Angeles, CA, to Chicago, IL. Was: $43.60 USD, now: $35.36 USD
  • From Dallas, TX, to Miami, FL. Was: $37.17 USD, now: $30.15 USD
  • From New York, NY , to Los Angeles, CA. Was: $50.87 USD. Now: $41.28 USD

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