Frequently Asked Questions from Carriers


Our customer service representatives are just an email or a phone call away if you need help. But first, check our FAQs to see if your question has already been answered.

  • What is Freightera
  • It’s a free online marketplace that instantly brings together companies who need to ship freight with transport carriers who need freight to fill their trucks. Freightera is based in Vancouver, BC and serves the Canadian and US business-to-business freight market with less than truckload (LTL) and full truckload (TL or FTL) freight services, whether you’re shipping in Canada, US or across the US-Canada borders.

  • Why would I use the Freightera online freight shipping and management platform
  • Freightera is a free platform that gives carriers access to new customers ready to ship. Freight carriers can manage all of their freight bookings easily in the system. Shipment history, bills of lading, customs documentation, proof of delivery and invoicing are all managed and delivered online.

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  • How does Freightera work
  • Freightera allows carriers to post their lanes in our system so prospective customers can see their availability and book their trucks.

  • How do I get started in Freightera
  • First, create your FREE account. Then start building, posting and managing your lanes, including special services, pricing and transit time.

  • How does Freightera simplify the freight management process

    • You’re connected directly with customers. No freight brokers, no phone calls back and forth. Everything is handled online.
    • Every shipment gets a tracking number. Every load booked with Freightera is monitored via our online system. No more chasing down shipments!
    • You receive proactive automated alerts of key events such as a new pending bookings and pending pick-ups.
    • Freightera helps manage all of the paperwork. Shipment history, bills of lading, customs documentation, proof of delivery and invoicing are all managed and delivered online.
    • Because all the information is stored online in our database, key people can instantly access any shipment information they need.
    • We’ll help you set it up. Our intuitive, user-friendly system comes with full customer service support. We provide one-on-one training to carriers to set up the system and help you enter your lanes if necessary.

  • How much does it cost to join Freightera
  • Carrier membership is FREE.

  • Who controls freight rates
  • Carriers control pricing, NOT Freightera. Carriers enter the rates they want.

    Customers will see multiple freight quotes from multiple carriers, so it’s important to be competitive. But there’s no haggling anymore. It’s a stress-free process!

  • What are Freightera’ eligibility requirements for carrier membership
  • Carriers must meet the following minimal requirements to be accepted as members:

    • One year in business
    • Positive credit check
    • Industry or client references

  • Are carriers allowed to double-broker Freightera freight
  • No.

  • Are carriers allowed to give Freightera freight to an interline carrier
  • Yes.

  • How secure is my information in Freightera
  • You’re protected. All carrier information residing in the Freightera database will be used as data to populate the shipper search results. This information will not be released to advertising companies or any third parties under any circumstances.

  • Does Freightera have a ratings system in place for carriers
  • Yes!

  • Will transactional charges/fees charged by Freightera be equal for all carriers
  • All carriers will have the same transactional fees.

Billing and Payment Information

  • Who bills the customer
  • Freightera bills the customer.

  • Who pays the carrier
  • Freightera pays the carrier as soon as shipment is delivered and signed off by the customer.

  • Can a carrier using the Freightera system negotiate rates with a shipper
  • No.
  • Can a carrier adjust rates once entered into the system
  • The carrier is in complete control of rates entered into the system and has the ability to adjust rates at any time prior to booking.

Freightera System Security and Access

  • Can anyone else see my rates that I have entered in the system
  • No other carrier can see the information that you have entered into the system. Your lanes, rates, transit times and account information are all private and secure.

    Shippers will see your rates based on the quote that they search for and prior to becoming a member, all shippers will have been vetted as credible companies.

  • What security does Freightera have
  • We’ve implemented a high-level security software to protect both shipper and carrier information. No unauthorized user can view system data or information.

    Security measures put in place by Freightera to uphold system integrity include:

    • Encryption of all content carriers enter during transmission
    • System alert to identify weak user passwords
    • Continual, rigorous site testing to ensure protection against hacking
    • Robust, redundant, fully-scalable servers to handle all web traffic
    • Expired/Past lane pricing will not be stored
  • Can I use Freightera on any kind of computer
  • If you’ve got access to the Internet, you can log in from any device.
  • What are the system requirements
  • Freightera works best with Google Chrome 13 or higher, Internet Explorer 8 or higher, Safari 5 or higher and Mozilla Firefox 3 or higher.

Customer Service

  • How do shippers and carriers contact Freightera if they have questions
  • Freightera Customer Service is available from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time from Monday through Friday:

    2. Toll free 800 886 4870 Ext. 1