Shipping Across the US-Canada Border

Whether you’re a US conglomerate looking to export your goods into Canada, or a Canadian mom-and- pop store offering your product to the super-sized American market, you’ll need to know how the cross-border shipping works. And you’re not alone – the trade between the United States and Canada is worth over $590 billion annually and around 87% of Canadian exports are bound for U.S. markets. Out of these volumes, reportedly, more than $400 million worth of goods move from Canada into the USA on a daily basis.

Every one of these shipments had to have proper customs documentation and go through a certain process. Customs rules and regulations can be intricate, but fortunately you don’t have to deal with them on your own. The best choice would be to use a customs broker, a full-time professional who is well-versed in US-Canada cross-border shipping.

You can book your cross-border shipment on Freightera in seconds. Use our system to find rates, and choose the carrier that best suits your shipping needs. When it comes to documentation, the Bill of Lading is already generated for you by our system. You will also need either a Commercial Invoice (for shipping from Canada to the USA) or a Canada Customs Invoice (for shipping from the USA to Canada). Your customs broker will guide you through creating these documents, in case you need assistance.

And finally, if you don’t have a broker – we can help you find one!

If you have any questions about cross-border shipping, please contact us via Live Chat, or call us at (800) 886-4870 to speak to a friendly Freightera agent. You can also email us at

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Examples of Cross-border Rates:

ltl rate
$339.80 CAD
Toronto ON to Los Angeles CA
*Sample rates to ship LTL, 1 pallet, 500lb
ftl rate
$791 CAD
Toronto ON to Chicago IL
*Sample rates to ship FTL, 10 pallets, 5000lb, Palletized
ftl rate
$3,926 CAD
Toronto ON to Los Angeles CA
*Sample rates to ship FTL, 10 pallets, 5000lb, Palletized

Excellent website - so easy to use and navigate. Best prices I've found for LTL shipments from Canada to the USA - I'm saving 50% compared to my old rates.
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PermaTint Limited
Concord, Ontario
Last week was the first time I used Freightera and I can not believe the excellent service that I experienced and the great quoted price. I had one skid to be picked up in Ohio, it was picked up on time when they said it would be. It was delivered on time when they said it would be and NOT damaged. What more can I say: Great people, great service, and great prices. Freightera will be receiving all my USA to Canada future shipments.
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Bob Osborne - Owner/President
R.D. Strickland