5 Costly Shipping Mistakes (VIDEO)

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5 Costly Mistakes Shippers Make when Quoting Online

(and how to avoid them)

It’s important to quote with the correct information to avoid extra shipping charges.

In our new video, you’ll see what are 5 most common mistakes shippers make, and how to avoid them. This way, you’ll save time and money while shipping freight.

Mistake #1: Not selecting the right location type

If your pick up or delivery location is a residence, or a business without a dock, select the correct option in the drop-down menu. 

If you quote for pick up from a business with a dock, but the location does not have a dock or a forklift, the carrier will adjust your bill with extra charges.

Mistake #2: Not marking the limited access locations  

If your location cannot accommodate a 53’ truck AND/OR is not available to the general public during regular business hours AND/OR has gates or security checks, it is a limited access location.

If you don’t check this option off on the quoting page, the carrier will charge you extra.

Mistake #3: Not letting us know that your shipment is urgent or time-sensitive.

All delivery dates for shipments booked on our website are estimated and not guaranteed. If your shipment is time-sensitive, be proactive and let us know in writing right away.

Mistake #4: Not measuring and weighing your freight correctly

You need to quote with the right dimensions and weight of your shipment. Round up any decimals to the closest inch. 

If cargo dimensions and weight are different than quoted, the carrier will adjust your bill.

Mistake #5: Quoting with the wrong class

If you’re shipping within the USA, or cross-border USA to Canada, or Canada to the USA, you need to put in the correct class for your shipment. Please don’t google this information – finding it  requires expertise. 

Contact us with the description of your product and we will provide you with the correct class free of charge. 


If you have any questions during quoting or booking, please contact us by using the chat option, call us at (800) 886-4870, or email us at clientcare@freightera.com.

Happy shipping!

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