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Customers can register their business at Freightera and have a free account approved and opened in just a couple of minutes. They get quotes 24/7 in as little as 15 seconds and book loads online instantly.

Freightera’s award-winning platform has a stellar customer service reputation with 100s of awesome 5-star reviews to show. The platform automatically generates and fills out shipping labels, BOLs, POs, and invoices. It provides easy access to order history, online tracking, and customs forms, offers cross-border and NMFC assistance, as well as a Rate Defence™ policy to protect shippers from unfair surprise charges by carriers.

Don't ship anything until you check our prices. Register for free today and get instant online access to exclusive rates from hundreds of carriers. Use our Quote Machine™ to search over 20 billion freight lanes, and book the deal you want with a click of a button. New to shipping freight? Our 5-star Client Care team is here to answer all your questions and hold your hand through the first 5 bookings!

How It Works

These days, it’s easy to book a flight or hotel online – and for shippers, Freightera works the same way. Click here to start quoting.

  1. Type in the origin and destination, dates, and your shipment details
  2. See a selection of available trucks and freight rates
  3. Choose the deal you want in 15 seconds!
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Get the Best Shipping Rates

Representing thousands of shippers, Freightera is a top customer for many of our carriers. This buying power and our great relationships with carriers enable us to negotiate exclusive discounted rates. Carriers can also post last-minute deals as they scramble to fill up trucks due to delays and cancellations – potentially saving your business a lot of money.

Rate Defence™ to Protect You from Surprise Charges

No gimmicks, no surprises from carriers: our rates are all-inclusive, and we stand by our shippers to reduce the time hassle, and stress of dealing with unfair and invalid carries charges. We believe it’s the first and only Rate Defense system in freight.

API Integrations to Fully Automate Your Freight Shipping

Following customer demand, we are rolling out a Shipper API for customers in 2023.

Watch How-to Videos

How do I sign up?

How to create your free shipper or carrier account on Freightera in just a few steps

How do I get a quote?

All you need to know about getting instant freight quotes online

Who Uses Freightera

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Businesses shipping goods

Our 22,500+ shippers include manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, importers, and distributors who need to ship freight in the most efficient and cost-effective way. It’s difficult for all but the largest companies to negotiate volume discounts on shipping. Freightera levels the playing field. And better yet: your membership is FREE.
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Carriers in North America need a more efficient and cost-effective way to manage their truck inventory. They want an easy way to find new customers without investing more in sales and marketing. Freightera helps hundreds of carriers with these needs, letting them focus on what they do best: getting freight where it needs to go.

Freightera Team

Freightera’s team combines business acumen, technical expertise and a passion for helping customers and creating high impact win-win solutions.
Eric Beckwitt head shot
Eric Beckwitt
Co-Founder and CEO
Zhenya Beck head shot
Zhenya Beck
Head of Marketing
Yelena Davidovic head shot
Yelena Davidovic
Head of Client Care
Lance Tran head shot
Lance Tran
Head of Product
Jonathan Shakes head shot
Jonathan Shakes
Product Development
Sheldon Pollack head shot
Sheldon Pollack
Board of Directors
Robin Reed head shot
Robin Reed

Eric Beckwitt, Co-Founder and CEO

Eric Beckwitt is the Co-Founder and CEO of Freightera Logistics. He founded the company in 2014 with his wife and business partner, Zhenya Beck.

At Freightera, Eric is the chief visionary and technologist, coming from an extensive GIS and web development background. He is also the most vocal and powerful customer advocate. He prioritizes building the most customer-centric policy and platform in the industry and routinely takes on escalations from customers.

Eric Beckwitt’s visionary talent and leadership formed at an early age. At 19 he and his brother successfully won a court case with the US Forest Service over the future of Tahoe National Forest. Shortly after that, he founded the Sierra Biodiversity Institute and got involved in several impactful conservation projects in his home state of California and the Pacific Northwest.

In 2004, the Beckwitts moved their family to Vancouver, Canada from California, after their youngest son suddenly developed severe air-pollution-induced asthma. Because of his early history and personal hardship with asthma in the family, the company committed to a serious environmental mission in 2014.

At Freightera, Eric has been working with the government of Canada to create the first low-emission freight marketplace and has been invited to speak at several national and international conferences about sustainable transportation. Freightera has been making significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, energy use, and waste from long-haul transport. Over 80% of Freightera bookings are SmartWay or rail, and up to 22% of lower emission bookings have been via CN and CP rail partner carriers.

In 2020, responding to the COVID-19 and supply chain crisis, Eric organized a Local Sourcing community at Freightera that later became a Nearshoring directory in collaboration with Supply Chain Canada designed to connect Canadian businesses to source products from each other.

In 2019, he won the Clean50 Award for outstanding contribution to clean capitalism in Canada. He was also awarded the 2022 Report on Business magazine Changemakers award, recognizing leaders making a positive impact in their industries.

Zhenya Beck, Co-Founder and Head of Marketing

At Freightera, Zhenya Beck is responsible for Brand, Marketing Strategy, and Communications. She directed the design process that won the "Best Transportation Website" WebAward, 2016 Technology Impact Award, received the BCTIA Women in Technology 2016 honorable mention, and was listed among the Top 50 Women Leaders of Vancouver for 2023 by Women We Admire. She has an MA in Journalism and the UBC/DAA Award of Achievement in Digital Analytics.

Before Freightera, Zhenya had a successful career as a prominent newspaper journalist, web designer, and digital marketer, and founded and ran a boutique web development company serving small businesses in the USA. Her passion for thriving small businesses, happy and successful employees, and a healthy planet inspires all of her work.

Zhenya’s environmental interest started at age 12 when she was contributing to a small local newspaper, writing about Lake Baikal, the iconic freshwater lake in her native Siberia that was later protected by a special federal decree and became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Years later, she and her husband Eric Beckwitt, Freightera’s acclaimed CEO, recommitted to the environment after their newborn son developed severe air pollution-induced asthma in Northern California and they had to relocate to Vancouver, Canada for better air. In 2014, when Freightera was founded, the green mission was incorporated from day 1 to clean up freight shipping.

Freightera’s team worked with the joint USA EPA/ Environment Canada SmartWay program to feature and promote certified lower-emission trucking companies and rail carriers in the network. Because the certified carriers tend to be more fuel efficient and lower cost, Freightera shippers commonly save on shipping and reduce emissions at the same time.

Robert Murray, or Bob as he is affectionately known, is a Strategy Yoda, Leadership and Culture expert. He brings more than 25 years of Executive Business experience in Marketing, Sales, Operations, Business Development and General Management in over 20 countries. Bob has led 22 different start-up and turn-a-round initiatives from concept to success including billion-dollar business turn arounds with over 1,600 employees and five major business acquisition and integration projects. He has held senior executive positions with organizations like TELUS, Dixon Networks, GPG Technical Services, Endurance Wind Power, CEI Architecture, Faronics Corporation, Connex, Zapp Telemobil in Eastern Europe, Ledcor and the Fortune 50 company Vodafone, where he was the Chief Customer Operations Officer. As a keynote speaker passionate about Customer Centric Culture, Strategy, Transformation and Leadership, Bob presented to audiences in 25 countries. He is the Amazon Number 1 Best Selling Author of “It’s Already Inside” and “Unlocked,” critically acclaimed books on leadership, business, and strategy.

Dan Z. Goodwill is a leader and transportation expert with a successful record of accomplishment in profit development, organic business growth, business startups, acquisitions, turnarounds, and cost-saving programs. For over 20 years, Dan held senior executive positions with some of North America’s leading transportation companies. As President of Yellow Freight Canada, and Clarke Logistics, and the VP of Sales at TNT Overland Express he led these companies to record results. For the past fifteen years he has been providing consulting services in the areas of small parcel, LTL, truckload, rail and intermodal transportation to manufacturers, distributors and transportation companies in Canada, the United States, Mexico, and Europe. He co-hosts the Surface Transportation Summit in Toronto.

Stephanie Sharp is a finance expert who has advised and led over $17 billion in deals in more than 400 industries worldwide. Stephanie balances innovative strategies with practical approaches. Her clients include some of the biggest, most well-known organizations in the world, such as Bank of America, Barrick Gold, BC Hydro, Best Buy, Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, HSBC Bank, and many others.

Freightera Difference

Freightera is revolutionary in many ways, and it goes beyond technology. It operates entirely online. All of its employees become shareholders within one year. This 100% inclusive employee stock ownership program keeps each team member engaged, motivated, and accountable. As business owners to business owners, you can count on us.

The company has been funded by over 150 individual investors, including schoolteachers, small business owners, and small family offices, and has unmatched capital efficiency. Unlike other freight tech startups, Freightera is profitable, sustainable, and not beholden to or dependent on venture capital.

Freightera’s technology and leadership won many accolades including Canada’s Top Growing Companies and Changemaker Awards by The Globe and Mail, Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award, Canada’s Clean 50 Award, Ready to Rocket, BC Tech Technology Impact Award, and many more.

Why We Do What We Do

Why did we join Freightera? What keeps us inspired and motivated? – We thought answering this question would be a good way to introduce our team and our company culture. Here are some of the answers.