Run Full Trucks With No Extra Sales And Marketing

Carriers, join Freightera, it's FREE. Get new orders coming your way today! Our friendly customer service makes it super-easy.

Freightera works for small and large carriers alike, whether you're a big trucking company shipping across North America or an independent trucking firm.

We make your job faster and easier with an online platform designed specifically for trucking companies.

Freight Carriers’ Online Shipping Solution

  • Get more orders with no additional expense or phone calls
  • Manage your lane inventory easily online
  • Offer your customers user-friendly experience and online shipment tracking
  • We help you set it up so it works for you

You're connected directly with customers. No freight brokers. No phone calls. Everything is handled online. Run full trucks with Freightera.

Membership Requirements For Freightera Carrier

Freightera partner carriers must meet the following requirements:

  • Over one year in business
  • Positive credit check
  • Customer references

Sign up now and get your trucks filled!

For more information about how Freightera works for carriers, visit our Carrier FAQ Contact us via [email protected] or toll free (800) 886-4870.

How it Works

Promote your services directly to customers who need to ship freight.

Get started in 3 easy steps

Once you become a member and create
FREE carrier account

  1. Build your lanes

    Define what type of trucks you run, and to where. Include special services, pricing and transit time.

  2. Post your lanes

    When you are ready to fill your truck, post your lanes so shippers can see your availability.

  3. Manage your lanes

    Go to my posted lanes or dashboard to view and manage your posted lanes.

    Visit our Carrier FAQ page for more information