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Note: We are not able to insure temperature controlled loads at this time.
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Important information about your online freight quote

  1. All LTL freight rates quoted on Freightera platform are provided according to the Description of Goods and Class (for the US and US cross-border shipments only) declared by the Shipper and may be subject to additional charges in the case of misdeclaration or misclassification. If Class for the US and US cross-border shipments is not provided, it is estimated based on your shipment information. Your actual freight Class may differ, which may affect your final price.
  2. If your load needs Special Handling, please select it for an accurate quote. Carriers charge for Special Handling if needed, and this will affect your final rate and invoice.
  3. The pickup date and transit time vary by the carrier and are not guaranteed unless otherwise stated. Transit time starts with the first business day after pickup and doesn’t include the day of pickup, weekends or holidays.
  4. Be mindful of the truck waiting time. Rates quoted include up to 30 minutes loading and offloading for LTL shipments and 1 hour loading and 1 hour offloading for FTL shipments unless otherwise specified. There will be additional charges for delays in loading, waiting at facilities for loading or offloading and other unforeseen delays.
  5. By using this site, you agree to be bound by Terms of Use. Please review the terms here.

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