Bright Future for American Truckers and Freight Brokers – Infographic

Interesting facts about truck transportation

Don’t you love infographics?

American truckers and freight brokers have many good reasons to be optimistic about their future according to this great one by JW Surety Bonds.

Trucking is an impressive $790 billion industry. 82% of all goods in the US get transported by a truck at some point and top products include electronics, furniture, food and clothing.

Some exciting or unexpected facts from this infographic:

  • Do you know that half of truckers have 200+ nights out every year: more than any young person?
  • Truckers earn up to $80,000 – almost twice the average American yearly wage
  • Truckers are freight brokers’ choice of transport, shipping over 81% of the total freight revenue
  • Top 25 freight brokerage firms have a combined revenue of $22.7 billion



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