Shipping Medical and Other Essential Supplies

Essential supplies

Gloves, Zip Lock Bags, Masks, Gowns, Hand Sanitizers, etc.

On Wednesday we received an urgent call from the BC Government’s COVID-19 Supply Hub to purchase medical and other essential supplies. We immediately sent this information to our entire email list of thousands of manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and suppliers. Many of them had the products in their warehouses and responded to the call. We’ve sent them the following information that we believe that you, our blog readers, may also find helpful.

BC Government’s COVID-19 Supply Hub needs to purchase the following supplies:

  • Isolation Gowns
  • N95 Masks
  • Viral Swabs
  • Disinfectant Wipes (Tubs and Cans)
  • Disinfectants (liquids – bulk)
  • Exam Mask Paediatric
  • Head Hood Covers (Balaclava)
  • Knee-high Shoe Covers (Impervious)
  • Level 2 Gowns, Level 3 Gowns, Level 4 Gowns
  • N95/FIT testing supplies
  • Nitrile Gloves (exam) – powder-free
  • Procedure Masks
  • Safety/Protective Goggles
  • Surgical Mask with attached shield
  • Surgical Masks
  • Exam Mask (Earloop)
  • Face Shields
  • Hand Sanitizer, Hand Sanitizer Foam
  • Thermometer
  • Ventilators
  • Vinyl Gloves – Latex Free – 3G
  • Coveralls (Full suit, with or without hood)
  • Surgical Gloves
  • Zip Lock Bags

View Canadian criteria for priority medical supplies.

What’s Shipping? Freightera Source Locally Community Update

What to do if it’s not what your business ships?

Based on what’s shipping at Freightera, we still see broader demand for many items. But with the usual sources and supply chains disrupted, it’s harder now to source products you need.

The Freightera Source Locally Community will allow you to see what’s currently being shipped by members and who is still open for business, so interested parties can buy and sell from each other. We expect to release it next week. To be featured, please email us at [email protected]. Let us know which of your facilities are still open, your current hours of operation, and the top 3-5 products you have available.

Let us know if we can help you ship your supplies anywhere in Canada and the USA. We’ve brought online hundreds of reliable LTL carriers. Ask Freightera Care any questions. Check our rates and book online.

I hope you and your loved ones stay healthy and safe. Keep your entrepreneurial spirit alive. We are here to help with your shipping needs and to connect and reconnect with like-minded people and businesses. 

Warmest regards,

Eric Beckwitt, CEO on behalf of the Freightera Team

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