New Freight Rate Update: FTL, LTL, Canada/US Domestic & Cross-Border

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Dear shippers,
We just brought online millions of new rates for FTL by rail, large and heavy LTL, reefer LTL and parcels. Many of these prices are dynamic so may fluctuate day to day. Please check rates frequently for new, better rates and expanded coverage.
Sample rates from recent days:

FTL Cross Border

  • Chicago, IL to Vancouver, BC. Was: $4,834 USD. Now: $2,657 USD
  • Chicago, IL to Calgary, AB. Was: $3,781 USD. Now: $2,627 USD

FTL Canadian Domestic

  • Edmonton to Montreal. Now: $1,420 CAD
  • Vancouver to Toronto. Was: $3,525 CAD. Now: $2,495 CAD

FTL Reefer Canadian Domestic

  • Vancouver to Toronto. Now: $3,454 CAD
  • Calgary to Toronto. Now: $2,195 CAD
  • Saskatoon to Montreal. Now: $1,936 CAD
  • Calgary to Montreal. Now: $2,302 CAD

Large and Heavy LTL

(5 pallets, 48x48x48, 5,000 lbs, dock to dock)

  • Vancouver to Toronto. Was: $1,008 CAD. Now: $689 CAD
  • Toronto to Calgary. Was: $1,214 CAD. Now: $886 CAD

Reefer LTL

(1 pallet, 48x40x48, 1,000 lbs)

  • Vancouver to Toronto. Was: $513 CAD. Now: $364 CAD
  • Winnipeg to Mississauga. Was: $547 CAD. Now: $356 CAD

Reefer LTL

(Ontario, 5 pallets, 48x48x48, total weight 2,500 lbs)

  • North York, ON to Pickering. Now: $261 CAD
  • Toronto to London, ON. Now: $321 CAD

US Domestic Parcels

(1 box, 15x15x15, 30 lbs)

  • Los Angeles, CA to Chicago, IL: $35.36 USD
  • Dallas, TX to Miami, FL: $30.15 USD
All the above are from our 24/7 automated system at, which gives you fixed-cost all-inclusive rates instantly online. If you need help with our automated system at any time, please contact our Client Care () or call +1 800-886-4870
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