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New Freight Rates in Ontario Canada

Freightera February 23, 2017

New rates for new lanes which connect cities in Ontario to other cities in Canada.

Updated Feb 22, 2017 – Up to 71% less!

LTL, 1 pallet, 48” by 48” by 48”, 500 lbs.

  • Cornwall, ON to St Andrews West, ON. Used to be: $189.38 CAD. Now: $54.98 CAD.
  • Ottawa, ON to Cornwall, ON. Used to be: $96.22 CAD. Now: $82.72 CAD.
  • Vernon, ON to Finch, ON. Used to be: $201.69 CAD. Now: 82.72 CAD.
  • Vanier, ON to Brockville, ON. Used to be: $188.21 CAD. Now: $82.72 CAD.
  • Cornwall, ON to South Lancaster, ON. Used to be: $189.38 CAD. Now: $64.34 CAD.
  • Alexandria, ON to Kanata, ON. Used to be: $197.36 CAD. Now: $82.72 CAD.

Check new rates from Toronto ON.


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