Freightera CEO Calls for Action on Climate Change

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Freightera CEO Calls for Action on Climate Change, Reveals Plans to Dramatically Reduce Emissions in 2016 with Link2Rail Program

Industry leadership, collaboration, and politics will be key to dramatic cuts in pollution from freight shipping


In the lead-up to the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris, Freightera CEO Eric Beckwitt reveals plans to dramatically reduce emissions in 2016 with its Link2Rail program and calls on businesses to lead in climate change action. “It’s a historic moment when governments are unveiling proposals to speed the transition to carbon-neutral sustainable energy sources,” says Eric, “and it’s time for businesses to lead their industries and set real targets.”

Freight transportation is the source of 10% of global greenhouse gases, but there are many options for immediate reduction of emissions. Load optimization can reduce the number of trucks on the road by almost 50%, cutting emissions by the same amount. The Freightera platform is designed to fill available less-than-truckload capacity on scheduled trucks and entire trucks returning empty. By shifting long-haul freight from trucks to rail, Freightera can cut emissions by 65% immediately. Freightera already provides rail service for many long-haul routes, while at the same time developing its own Link2Rail program that will allow all trucking companies to connect to rail for the long haul, cross-country, and cross-border shipments.

Freightera will also allow business shippers to make choices based on cost and CO2 emissions. “Can shippers afford greener options?” Eric continues: “Fortunately, efficiency and environment often go hand in hand. Rail being much cleaner and cheaper than trucking is the best example of that.”

“In my vision for the green future of freight, shipments are picked up by renewable electric trucks, transferred to electric rail for the long haul, with last-mile delivery by renewable electrics again. The long-haul fleet, serving areas with no rail, is 100% powered by zero-emission hydrogen-electric hybrids. It’s not science fiction. It’s all entirely possible with the technology we have right now. It is just a matter of vision, political will, policy, and implementation.”

Learn more about our green freight initiatives.

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