Freightera Celebrates First Year with 1.8 Billion Freight Lanes in Canada and US

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North American businesses just got access to vast new online freight rate inventory in Canada, US and US-Canada cross-border transportation markets

Vancouver, BC July 6, 2015

Freightera, North America’s online freight marketplace offering business shippers instant fixed-cost quotes from carriers of all sizes and one-click booking, celebrated its first year by doubling inventory to 1.8 billion freight lanes.

“With this expansion we now offer multiple competitive quotes between most communities in Canada and US,” says Freightera’s founder and CEO Eric Beckwitt, “Our shippers manage warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities. They ship to various locations across North America every day, and we give them the ability to ship freight with the ease, speed and convenience of online travel sites. Enter your dimensions and destination and get instant rates with a single click.“

Freightera, just one year old, is emerging as the online leader in Canadian and cross-border freight shipping. Hundreds of companies now use Freightera to simplify their shipping process, save money and increase productivity.

Freightera has partnered with many of the largest players in the North American freight industry, and is receiving great reviews from delighted shippers. “Our customers tell us there is nothing like it in the Canadian marketplace,” notes CEO Eric Beckwitt, “They love the unique combination of speed, convenience, excellent rates and exceptional customer service.”

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Freightera offers the only B2B online freight marketplace in North America with instant freight quotes from carriers of all sizes and one-click bookings, serving manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and other businesses that need a consistently best-priced, simple, and hassle free shipping solution in a time of increasing stress and information overload. Visit for registration and more information.

Source: Freightera Celebrates First Year with 1.8 Billion Freight Lanes in Canada and US