Happy Customer Service Week!

Customer Service Week illustration of a customer service representative with a headset

Every year, we celebrate the Customer Service Week as a nod to our amazing, hard-working employees, who treat our customers’ freight as if it were their own ❤️

Our mission is to make freight shipping easy, accessible and green. And there’s no way to do that without putting an emphasis on service with a smile! 🙂

We’re proud to say, without any contrived modesty, that our customer service is the best one in this stressful industry of freight shipping. Our team functions like a small, close-knit family, and although we highly value professionalism and good training, we put a strong emphasis on warmth and empathy as well. In the era of Internet and automation, it’s sometimes hard to remember that there is a real person behind that email you get — and we try to remind ourselves of this every single day!

These client reviews we’ve received in the past month are a testament to this:

Freightera client review 1”Love the online booking and getting more than few quotes in one place at one time Great service and love the prices.”

Freightera client review 2

”Always a pleasure doing business with you.”

Freightera client review 3

”The people that helped me yesterday resolved my issue, quickly and eficiently.”

Freightera client review

”Excellent service, response time, user friendly website, helpful online chat, great comparative freight quotes.”

Freightera customer review 1”I always get great service. Recently I had an expired auto-quote that was way more money on a re-quote. I emailed the office and they were able to get me a new quote manually for almost the same money. I’ve used their service for years and never had a problem.”

Freightera customer review 2

”These guys know what they are doing and I am also calm about the freight shippment when I worked with them.”

Freightera customer review

”We had a very good experience with Freightera. From setting up an account to the actual shipment, everything went smoothly. I would recommend!”

To experience the best customer service in the industry, sign up and ship your freight today on Freightera.

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