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The days of calling up brokers or several freight carriers for quotes and waiting for them to get back to you are over. Freightera lets you compare freight rates from hundreds of carriers with a single click and book the deal you want right away. It makes searching for the best available truckload & LTL rates as easy as comparing airfare prices online.

Choose Your Shipment Pickup and Destination Points

First, input the Pickup Location and Delivery Location. Freightera will remember your locations next time, making repeat shipments on future orders even faster.

Add Load Information and Choose Extra Shipping Services, As Needed

To get you an accurate selection of quotes, provide details on the load, such as weight, dimensions, and whether your shipment is stackable or hazardous.

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Need a little extra assistance at the pickup or delivery site? Just click the box if you need an appointment, a call before, or other routine shipping services.

If you’ve already gotten a quote for a shipment and are coming back to it, there’s no need to remember the particulars you added last time. Just click on the My Quotes and Favorites option and you’ll get a list of your previous quotes. Click on any one of them to get a new quote based on the old shipment info, adjusted for new dates or services.

A screenshot Showing Freightera's Carrier Options on the Quoting Page

Easy, right? That’s why our customers see Freightera as a better way to ship freight. Not to mention that besides saving valuable time, you can save 50-85% on shipping costs.

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