It’s Time to Celebrate the Unsung Heroes of Trucking!

National Trucking Week custom card from Freightera

Happy National Trucking Week / National Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2021!

The National Trucking Week in Canada ends tomorrow, September 11, and the following day begins the National Truck Driver Appreciation week in the USA. The Freightera team likes to dedicate this time every year to thank the hardworking truck drivers who are running not only the freight industry, but all industries!

Each day, millions of professional truck drivers are on the roads delivering the essential materials that we depend on. Everything in our homes, our schools, our offices, and our hospitals was delivered by a truck. During the COVID-19 pandemic, these brave men and women had a crucial role in making sure there are no disruptions in supply chains. They drove days and nights to make sure we had everything we needed.

Truck drivers, thank you! You’re truly the frontline heroes of all countries. We hereby recognize the effort you put into your work, your dedication, and your preseverance. 

How National Truck Driver Appreciation Week and National Trucking Week are observed in the USA and Canada:

Throughout September, many USA companies are showing their appreciation by offering deals to drivers.

Check out the official National Truck Driver Appreciation Week online store that American Trucking Association opened earlier this year. 

Canadian companies such as Penske and Amta are saluting the Canadian truck drivers in their own way.

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