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New Competitive FTL Rates by Rail – Instant, All-Inclusive, Online Now – Examples Here

Freightera May 22, 2019
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US domestic full truckload and FTL by rail rates ready to be booked on

May 2019 Rate Update

Awesome news! 😊 We just got new instant all-inclusive truckload rates and FTL by rail rates up on the website. These are very comprehensive US domestic FTL dry van and reefer rates with guaranteed prices and guaranteed availability. They do not have exact transit times yet, they either have N/A or a range of 8 days (but we are working on adding that soon). Even better are our new FTL by rail rates with average prices for long haul about 45% less than usual.

Please note: The rates change depending on the pickup date. You can book a truck for the same day or next day pickup, but it is going to be more expensive than if you book it with a pickup date 7 days from now. Shipping in advance pays off! 🙂

If you have any questions about FTL, LTL, rail, or road freight shipping, give us a call at 800 886 4870 Ext. 1, email us at, or chat with us by clicking the green chat button at the bottom right part of the website!

Below are examples of recent US domestic FTL searches by our customers.

US Dry Van Rate Quotes – Examples:
US Reefer Rate Quotes – Examples:

Rail / Intermodal Rates in the USA – Recent Examples

Please note: The average price of rail / intermodal freight is about 45% less than shipping by truck, but you need to plan more in advance, as rates change over time. Rail is a planet- and budget-friendly option. Use with good planning.

  • From Seattle, WA to Chicago, IL – $2,159 USD
  • From Portland, OR to Kansas City, MO – $2,049 USD
  • From Boston, MA to Los Angeles, CA – $2,293 USD


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