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New LTL Freight Rate Update in USA and Cross-Border

Freightera January 25, 2021
New LTL Rate Update in USA truck image
Dear shippers,
Although freight rates are trending up, we are still able to get better deals for you. Please note, carrier rates may fluctuate based on availability.
Examples below are for 1 pallet/skid, class 125, 48” x 48” x 48”, 500 lbs.

New USA rates

  • Hayward, CA to Chicago, IL. Was: $308 USD, now: $290 USD – Save 6%
  • Los Angeles, CA to Phoenix, AZ. Was: $178 USD, now: $159 USD – Save 11%
  • Federal Way, WA to Livermore, CA. Was: $231 USD, now: $222 USD – Save 4%

USA-Canada cross-border

  • New York, NY to Fredericton, NB. Was: $522 USD. Now: $299 USD – Save 43%
  • Chicago, IL to Saskatoon, SK. Was: $329 USD. Now: $258 USD – Save 22%
  • New York, NY to Montreal, QC. Was: $283 USD. Now: $258 USD – Save 9%
Happy shipping!

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