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How are you doing this summer? With the heat waves baking so much of the US and Canada, Vancouver’s mild weather has been a godsend.

Meanwhile, we haven’t been announcing many rate updates lately with a lot of our programming resources shifted to other areas of your experience. For example, we released several advanced features like Address Book Import and 3rd Party BOL for your shipments with non-Freightera carriers. Also, we’ve developed a Help Center with all of the most common issues clearly explained.

And, of course, we’ve got some awesome new rates for you! In fact, we might have become the USA Canada cross-border shipper’s best friend. 🙂

Just look at the savings here:

Canada to USA Examples 1 skid 48x48x48 1,000 lbs, Class 70

  • Calgary, AB to Dallas, TX – Was: $459.90 CAD. Now: $275.13 CAD – 40% SAVINGS
  • Pickering, ON to Newport Beach, CA – Was: $400.15 CAD. Now: $273.92 CAD – 32% SAVINGS
  • Markham, ON to Woodland Hills, CA – Was: $400.15 CAD. Now: $269.09 CAD – 33% SAVINGS
  • Owen Sound, ON to Oakland, CA – Was: $508.35 CAD. Now: $356.38 CAD – 30% SAVINGS

The USA to Canada Rates 1 skid 48x48x48 1,000 lbs, Class 70

  • Mukilteo, WA to Bancroft, ON – Was: $613.36 CAD. Now: $460.69 CAD – 25% SAVINGS
  • Windsor, CA to Laval, QC – Was: $889.97 CAD. Now: $434.06 CAD – 51% SAVINGS 
  • Los Angeles, CA to Longueuil, QC – Was: $561.64 CAD. Now: $405.13 CAD – 28% SAVINGS

Canada Domestic Rates 1 skid 48x48x48 1,000 lbs

  • Barrie, ON to Cultus Lake, BC – Was: $604.99 CAD. Now: $390.08 CAD – 36% SAVINGS 
  • Edmonton, AB to Whistler, BC – Was: No rate! Now: $277.54 CAD – NOW AVAILABLE 


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