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The logistics and freight industry faced a significant shakeup in 2023 with the closure of Convoy’s trucking software company. This Seattle startup raised over a billion dollars in investments in a challenge to become a leading digital freight carrier network similar to Freightera.

This event rattled the industry profoundly as it left many registered shippers without the useful online tools they were accustomed to. Something that we at Freightera freight marketplace for small businesses, are happy to continue offering. 

The Rise and Fall of Convoy

Since its conception in 2015, Convoy has been a leader in the trucking industry, and for a reason. Its powerful digital platform which, almost as efficiently as Freightera matched shippers with carriers, helped reduce empty miles and made shipping more efficient and sustainable. Despite its promising approach, as Convoy’s journey ended, it left many of its customers unsure of where to turn.

The Engines are Just Getting Warmed Up

At Freightera, we’re not worried about closing our doors. We’ve survived the biggest freight recession in recent years, a pandemic before that, and our numbers have just kept getting better, until we reached profitability in 2023, a huge win for our super-efficient technology startup. We feel optimistic and up to the challenge of filling the void left by Convoy and several other big casualties of the freight and technology recession, YRC Corporation among them.

If you are searching for alternatives, please consider checking out our platform with the best exclusive rates from 100s of reliable carriers, better technology, and better customer service for shipping freight across North America. 

Our freight marketplace is designed for efficiency, sustainability, and ease of use. All of this will provide you with a seamless transition from any other platform, and you’ll find that you’re getting a better deal than you’d expect while you’re at it.

What You Can Expect

  • Extensive Carrier Network: Our powerful quote machine gives you access to a broad network of verified carriers from across the entirety of North America. This extensive network of over 1500 carriers ensures that businesses can find the most cost-effective and reliable shipping options, no matter your freight size or destination.


  • Innovative Technology: As soon as you enter your shipment information, it returns multiple carrier options. Given our partnerships with SmartWay, this means that the most affordable option will almost always be the one with the highest emission savings too. Our technology allows for a level of efficiency, affordability, and environmental responsibility that not only matches but we believe exceeds what Convoy once offered. 


  • Sustainability as a Bonus: We became a leading voice in green freight way before Convoy jumped on the cause. Our platform was chosen by Environment Canada to promote SmartWay-certified carriers. On any quote you request through us, you’ll be able to see your emission savings compared to the industry standard. As mentioned, that usually also means picking the cheapest option, because fuel-efficiency goes hand in hand with sustainability.


  • Transparent, Competitive Pricing: With Freightera, you can instantly access competitive all-inclusive freight quotes from a multitude of carriers. And we stand by our quotes 100%. As long as what you’ve quoted is what you shipped, our Rate Defense™ program will make sure no additional unfair charges from carriers find their way to you.


  • Unmatched Client Care: The freight industry is filled with shipping experts, and we are proud of our own. But we understand that the industry is frequently missing a key ingredient in the shipper journey — 5-star customer service, our pride and joy. Freightera’s top-level client care agents are professional, empathetic, super-friendly, and super-responsive with 100s of 5-star reviews to show for it.

A Seamless Transition for Convoy Users

For businesses and carriers previously relying on Convoy, the transition to Freightera might initially be out of necessity; after all, what else would you do — but in no time at all, we hope that you’ll see that we’re, in fact, an upgrade. Our freight marketplace is large and fairly priced. And on top of that, our user-friendly interface makes it the ideal choice for those seeking not just a substitute for Convoy, but a full-service partner that’s willing to go above and beyond.


The closure of Convoy was a big traumatic event for the company and its users, no doubt about it, but it also highlighted the evolving nature and constant need for resilience in the freight industry. 

As Freightera continues to grow and innovate, we stand ready to lead the way in efficiency, sustainability, innovation, and of course, the highest quality of service. 

We hope that your new chapter of freight shipping with Freightera is not just about filling the gap — but about raising standards of innovative technology paired with great care.

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