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Why Online Freight Marketplaces Such as Freightera Are the Way to Go

You’re a small or medium business owner and you just need to get your cargo from point A to point B.

You contact a carrier, negotiate a price and it’s done. Great. 

Then you need to move your cargo from point A to point C. Tough, that same carrier can’t help you. They don’t service that lane or they’re asking for a fortune. Things get annoying real fast if you need to ship your goods on more than one lane. 

That’s why freight marketplaces exist. Let us explain.

When you come to a market, you rightfully expect to be able to find everything in that one place. There are plenty of affordable options within arms reach.

As opposed to that, regular stores have limited choices and if you need to buy several different articles, it’s expected that you might have to visit several different stores. 

In that same way, if you’re looking to ship your cargo to multiple locations, instead of going to multiple different carriers for separate services and keeping track of everything, the easiest thing to do is to go to a freight marketplace. 

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How does Freightera work?

It’s simple! After you’ve signed up using your company’s information, you request a quote for wherever within North America you need to ship and voilà, you have a selection of multiple carriers to choose from. 

You can choose to sort them by pricing, emissions reduction, speed, etc. All you need to do is pick the option that suits your needs.

Why would I choose a freight marketplace (such as Freightera)?

By this point, you might be thinking that there’s no point in such a platform. You can just go to carriers directly and bypass the third party.

To that, we say yes and no. 

As we mentioned earlier, you could technically go to different carriers for different lanes but if you’re shipping more than 2 shipments per month, you’ll soon regret that. You or your accounting team will have to keep track of all the different carriers, their best lanes, their pros, cons, speed, and reliability.

Why not let a smart, dedicated system do all that for you? At the same time, you’ll have all of your shipments, paperwork, and charges in one place

What about tracking my shipment?

Again, you’re right to ask this and we’re here to tell you that even that is easier in one place.

Imagine having ten active shipments this week and having to look all over for your tracking numbers or saving them in an excel spreadsheet. What if you forgot to delete your last week’s numbers? We can see the tear forming in the corner of your eye just thinking about it.

If you use one service that can handle all your shipments at once, in one place with people behind the screen able to help you with every step along the way that tear recedes real quick. 

What about customer service?

Freight carriers are in the business of transporting goods from A to B. That’s it. That’s why you’ll often (not always!) find that their customer service is severely lacking. You may get partial information, no callbacks after you’ve been promised them, or even representatives laughing at you for normal questions.

Third-party companies such as Freightera realize this and along with competitive shipment pricing that is necessary for customer satisfaction, strive for the best possible customer service.

We realize that our clients don’t like freight shipping. They need it. You, the client, will always pick the easiest and most convenient option, and why wouldn’t you? 

If trains were faster than airplanes, most people who aren’t flying enthusiasts would switch over. Wouldn’t you?

In conclusion, those are the reasons why we think you’re better off using a freight marketplace for shipping any amount of cargo, especially if you’re shipping to multiple locations regularly.

Ready to try it out for yourself? Get quotes on our freight marketplace in a matter of seconds and see if the convenience suits you.

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