Train vs Truck Transportation – Efficiency, Cost, Advantages & Disadvantages [Infographic]

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Freight Train vs Truck

[Updated May 2019]
Which mode of transport is more efficient for shipping and what are the advantages and disadvantages of train vs truck transportation? See our new infographic answering these questions.

Freight Train vs Truck - Cost, Efficiency, Differences


  • Railways consume up to 9x less energy per tonne kilometer traveled than trucks
  • On average, trains are 4x more fuel efficient
  • Can carry more freight at the same time
  • Cheaper for long distance
  • Emit 75% fewer GHG emissions


  • Predictable scheduling
  • Cost-effective for short distances
  • Better for perishable foods that can be put in storage easily
  • Just in time delivery, door to door service
  • Huge opportunities to increase efficiency


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