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Documents for Freight Shipping: A Definitive Guide

October 12, 2021
“I was just looking to ship a pallet to my client... so how did I end up here, with my head in my hands, wondering about the meaning of life?”…

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Freight Class: A Cautionary Tale

October 19, 2021
The shipment was supposed to be $200 USD. I used the class Google suggested and I am getting billed $500 more. What gives? There are two ways you can go…

A Brief Introduction to Freight Shipping in Canada

October 18, 2021
Be it less than truckload (LTL) or full truckload (FTL), we have the shipping solution for you. With our completely automated online quoting system, you can get the best rates…

Advantages of Instant Online Freight Quotes

October 13, 2021
Working with just one carrier can be pretty costly. A single carrier cannot have the best pricing on all possible lanes, it’s just not possible (no matter what they say!).…

Less than Truckload Freight Rates: New York, NY

October 11, 2021
Shipping pallets from or to New York? Check out our new freight rates, from major cities in the USA and Canada, to New York, or vice versa. All the rates…

New LTL Freight Rate Update for Canadian Shippers!

October 8, 2021
Shipping pallets in Canada? You'll want to see this! We have added new rates and lanes for Canada domestic freight shipping. Here are some examples of newly added rates. If…

9 Ways to Save Money on Freight Shipping

October 7, 2021
Let’s face it, freight shipping is expensive. Sometimes the shipping costs can be almost as much as your shipment itself. We’re aware that this can easily give you heartburn and…

Freight Loading and Unloading: 9 Tips and Tricks

October 5, 2021
If you don’t have a business with a dock, freight loading or unloading can become very stressful very fast. This is why we’ve prepared a few tips for you in…

Happy Customer Service Week!

October 4, 2021
Every year, we celebrate the Customer Service Week as a nod to our amazing, hard-working employees, who treat our customers' freight as if it were their own ❤️ Our mission…