Expanding Your Business Internationally? Why Not Leverage Freightera?

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We’re witnessing the rise of AI, there’s no way around that, which means that there are more and more tools out there that try (and often fail) to make your life easier. Many of these tools are copies of other, better solutions, or they’re straight-up bad.

So we’re here to offer an automated, but very much human-backed freight shipping solution, for your human needs. 

Prepare for What’s in Store for You

International expansion presents a whole new set of challenges. If you’re already looking at shipping, we presume you’re already familiar with the new market. However, shipping freight internationally from Canada to the USA, or vice-versa, comes with a new set of challenges, such as customs clearance, international freight regulations, and the need for reliable freight carriers.

Embrace Simplicity with Freightera’s LTL Shipping

Instant Quotes, Instant Relief

Forget about the lengthy waits and the uncertainty of traditional freight quotes. With Freightera, you get instant, all-inclusive quotes from hundreds of reliable carriers. Just a few clicks, and you’re set to schedule your shipment, whether it’s within the USA, in Canada, or over the border between them.

Tailored for Businesses, Big and Small

Whether you’re a booming enterprise or a charming mom-and-pop store, our platform is designed to cater to your specific needs. By sharing the cost of a truck with other shippers, you don’t only save money, but also move your goods efficiently and safely, thanks to our vetted, high-quality partner carriers.

Pallet Freight Shipping – The Smarter Way

Automated, Greener, and Stress-Free

Shipping pallets with Freightera isn’t just about getting from point A to point B. It’s about a smarter, greener, and more cost-effective way to handle logistics (with no effort on your part, no worries 🙂). Our automated system lets you book shipments with the click of a button, providing peace of mind with every transaction backed by our Rate Defense™ program. Not only are you getting the best rates available, but you’re also more than likely reducing emissions compared to the industry standard while you’re at it!

Why not get instant freight quotes in seconds and see it in action for yourself?

A Broad Range of Services

Our extensive network ensures that whether your shipment needs to go fast or can afford a slower pace, we have the service to match. Express, standard, or economy, our options are tailored to meet your timeline and budget, all while ensuring your goods are handled with the utmost care.

Cross-Border Shipping Without the Hassle

Navigate Customs with Ease

Cross-border shipping can be tricky with all the customs rules and regulations. However, Freightera makes this easy by automating much of the documentation process. We even have a reliable and trustworthy long-time partner that can assist with customs. All of this means that your shipments move across borders as smoothly as they do domestically.

Comprehensive Support When You Need It

Our 5-star customer service is just a chat, email, or call away. Whether you need help getting a quote, booking a shipment, or dealing with an unexpected and unlikely issue, our team is here to make sure your experience is as smooth as possible.

FTL Freight Shipping: Fast, Secure, Direct

FTL shipping with Freightera is perfect for those of you with large shipments that need a whole truck due to their volume or urgency. This method reduces handling, lowering the risk of damage and speeding up delivery. 

Our Quote Machine™ offers fast, comprehensive quotes from numerous carriers, letting you choose the best option for your needs. 

Why Freightera Is the Choice for International Business Growth

With our easy-to-use platform, and a team of freight professionals behind it, expanding internationally is not just possible—it’s easier than ever.

We invite you to register for free, try out our instant quoting system, and experience why tens of thousands of businesses trust Freightera to handle their shipping needs. Give us a chance to make shipping the least of your worries as you grow your business.

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