Shipping Logistics Directly Impacts Your Customers’ Experience: Here’s How

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Here’s How the Shipping Experience Can Make or Break the Experience of Your Customers

Your customer just purchased a bulky item that can’t be shipped as a parcel. You have to turn to freight companies and you’re suddenly faced with a plethora of logistical challenges.

If you go with the wrong options you risk overpaying for shipping, or your customer getting unhappy with the service or their delivery date.

Below you’ll learn how logistics directly impact your customers’ experience and how to avoid any possible problems.

Unnecessary Pickup Delays

In our digital era, getting freight quotes should be fast and easy. The rates would naturally vary, but getting quotes shouldn’t take hours or even days as is often the case with traditional freight brokerages.

Freightera’s Quote Machinecuts the time needed to get a quote to minutes or even seconds if you’re a fast typist. Not only will you get a quote in record times, but you’ll get multiple options to choose from.

You’ll also improve your customer’s overall experience reducing the wait time to a minimum.

Efficiency and Responsiveness

The efficiency of your logistics solution plays a crucial role in how customers perceive your company’s service. 

An efficient and responsive logistics team can greatly reduce the time spent on resolving any potential issues, tracking your shipments, or simply updating information. 

For example, if you’re working with a busy carrier directly, it may be hard getting them on the phone and an email may be seen too late to update your shipment information on time (before the driver attempts pickup or delivery).

Speed, ease of use, and user-friendliness are at the core of Freightera, Responsiveness not only boosts your customers’ satisfaction, but we’re sure you’ll notice the difference in your very first interaction with us!

Reduced Disputes and Man-Hours Spent

Dispute resolution is a time-consuming and resource-intensive problem for everyone, be that carriers, brokers, customers, consignees, etc.

Our system and all processes are designed to maximize transparency, and make everything from disputes to feedback as easy as possible. 

On top of that, to save your time, we offer automated and accurate documentation. This transparency helps in reducing the man-hours typically spent in dispute resolution.

Customers benefit from a hassle-free service where they can trust that the price quoted is final, as long as you ship what you got the quote for. And of course, a freight service wouldn’t be complete without mentioning extra charges. Know that as long as the shipment is exactly as quoted, you will be protected from unfair carrier charges by Freightera’s Rate Defense™ program.

Make Sure to Use the Best Solution to Maximize Customer Satisfaction

In conclusion, an efficient all-encompassing system like the one at Freightera directly impacts the quality of your customer experience.

Avoid aggravating customers by providing them with a high-quality logistic solution, all-inclusive pricing, and transparency.

The right approach to freight shipping doesn’t only streamline the shipping process. The right freight solution could be the backbone of building stronger, trust-based relationships with your customers.

Interested in the right freight shipping solution for your business? Check out our comprehensive list of services! 

Or simply get your instant, online freight quotes right here! Sign up for free and ask our 5-star customer service team any questions you have.

Happy Shipping! 🙂

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