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New LTL Reefer Freight Rates in Canada are now Live on!

Freightera September 5, 2019
Freightera LTL Reefer Rates in Canada

Ready for Booking with a Click of a Button: Reefer Rates Between Major Canadian Cities, and to/from the Okanagan


The summer is almost over, but protecting freight from heat is still in high demand!

Here are some reefer LTL rates we’ve recently added to our quoting system. FROZEN / -5°F (-20°C), COOLER / 34°F (1°C) or Mixed. The temperature does not affect the rate between frozen or cooler but needs to be indicated in the orders.

Examples below are for 1 skid, 48 x 48 x 48, 500 lbs. Please note that the price might fluctuate slightly because of the fuel surcharge changes:

  • Toronto, ON to Montreal, QC CAD $257.85 CLICK HERE
  • Calgary, AB to Winnipeg, MB CAD $221.09 CLICK HERE
  • Edmonton, AB to Regina, SK CAD $221.26 CLICK HERE
  • Winnipeg, MB to Edmonton, AB CAD $221.09 CLICK HERE
  • Saskatoon, SK to Vancouver, BC CAD $268.45 CLICK HERE
  • Montreal, QC to Winnipeg, MB CAD $293.25 CLICK HERE
  • Saskatoon, SK to Montreal, QC CAD $346.54 CLICK HERE
  • Kelowna, BC to Vancouver, BC CAD $216.13 CLICK HERE
  • Armstrong, BC to Calgary, AB CAD $226.28 CLICK HERE
  • Coldstream, BC to Edmonton, AB CAD $237.16 CLICK HERE
  • Oliver, BC to Saskatoon, SK CAD $268.45 CLICK HERE
  • Osoyoos, BC to Regina, SK CAD $272.06 CLICK HERE
  • Peachland, BC to Winnipeg, MB CAD $276.65 CLICK HERE
  • Penticton, BC to Toronto, ON CAD $386.63 CLICK HERE
  • Vernon, BC to Montreal, QC CAD $395.24 CLICK HERE

Ready to book?

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Happy shipping!

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