Refrigerated Freight Shipping

If you are a shipper trading in chilled, frozen or fresh produce such as fruits, vegetables, flowers etc., you will require a refrigerated truck to move this cargo safely across the country.

A refrigerated (reefer) truck is specially designed to transport climate controlled and temperature-sensitive cargo with inbuilt cooling and heating systems – it keeps the temperature constant from pick up to delivery.

It’s just like your refrigerator at home, only mobile.

At Freightera, we understand the sensitivity of your products and we partner only with selected refrigerated trucking companies in the country. We have a very stringent vetting process of our service providers. Throughout this process, we ensure that the trucks have an impeccable mechanical service records and driver training records.

We are committed to providing you a clean, efficient and reliable freight service.

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Please note: We ship FTL reefers across Canada and USA, and LTL reefers only across Canada. We are currently working on expanding our LTL reefer coverage across the USA.

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Examples of Refrigerated Rates:

All refrigerated shipments are unique and require an in-depth understanding of the project. This will allow us to better cater the quote. Please contact us via online chat, at (800) 886-4870 Ext. 1 or email us to discuss your temperature-controlled shipment. Let us help you!

Excellent, Second to None. Seriously, saved over $1000.00 on first shipment. Hoping to see further e-Commerce integration soon! Highly recommended, no b.s.
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Working with Freightera has been quick and easy. They continually meet my expectations and I am confident in their abilities. I never have to question whether or not they will come on time or if the shipment will arrive on time because it always does. Job well done Freightera!
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