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Limited Access Locations in Freight Shipping

April 21, 2021
What are limited access locations, and how to choose the right location type in shipping freight LTL shipping is intricate, and there's a lot of room for an inexperienced shipper…

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New Full Truckload (FTL) Freight Lanes in Canada

April 14, 2021
Dear shippers, Below are a few new FTL freight lanes within Canada that we've added to our system recently. From Montreal, QC to Winnipeg, BC. Was: $2847.55 CAD, now: $1610.40…

The Origin of Freightera’s Green Mission: DotCom Magazine’s Interview with Zhenya Beck

April 7, 2021
Zhenya Beck talks about Freightera's Green Mission and the Personal Story Behind It Earlier this month, Freightera Co-Founder and Head of Marketing Zhenya Beck had an interview with Andy Jacob…

Freightera is the 2021 Impact Company of The Year Award Winner

April 6, 2021
Freightera won the DotCom Magazine 2021 Impact of The Company of The Year Award Freightera team is happy to receive a new award recognizing our impact in 2021. Please read…

New Freight Rate Update: Cross-Border USA & Canada

March 23, 2021
Are you shipping your LTL freight cross-border, from the USA to Canada, or from Canada to the USA? Then you'll be interested in examples of our newly added cross-border freight…

New Freight Rate Update: FTL, LTL, Canada/US Domestic & Cross-Border

March 15, 2021
Dear shippers, We just brought online millions of new rates for FTL by rail, large and heavy LTL, reefer LTL and parcels. Many of these prices are dynamic so may…

Less than Truckload Freight Rates: Houston, TX

March 15, 2021
LTL Freight Rates: From Major Cities in USA to Houston, TX We update our system monthly with fresh new LTL freight rates, ready to be booked in seconds! Check out…

Residential vs. Commercial Shipping

March 12, 2021
Why do residential freight deliveries cost more? In the LTL shipping industry, business to business shipments are the norm. This means that carriers usually ship dock to dock or dock…

Less than Truckload Freight Rates: Detroit, MI

February 10, 2021
LTL Freight Rates: From Major Cities in USA & Canada to Detroit, MI Shipping LTL freight from/to Detroit, MI? Check out our¬†rates below for lanes within the USA, and cross-border…