Big News: Freightera is now 5 YEARS OLD!

Freightera celebrating 5 years

Today, May The First 2019, is an important day for us.

It may be just a regular hump day for most businesses, but May 1st has always been a significant date for Freightera simply because, on that day, our company gets a cake for its birthday! 🙂

Birthdays and anniversaries are always exciting, but this one is more noteworthy for us than any other before because as of today – Freightera is 5 years old. According to Forbes, 90% of startups will fail before their 5-year mark. Not only is Freightera among that special 10% of businesses that are still standing firmly on their feet – but also our dream of redefining the freight industry, changing its culture, and making freight easy, accessible, and green is still alive and thriving. Our team is united in that goal now more than ever, and we are increasingly heartened and inspired when we take a step back to smell the cookies and glance at what we’ve achieved since this time last year:

1) Customer Reviews

Our wonderful customers have left us 180 verified 5-star reviews on platforms such as Google, Trustpilot, and Shopperapproved. Since one of the main reasons we exist is to make our clients’ lives easier, customer feedback means the world to us. When we see that our customers are happy – it makes us want to dance!

2) Bookings

Over 2000 unique customers have trusted us with their shipments, and our system counts almost 17000 total bookings. The numbers are impressive, but it’s not only about the numbers. We take care of customers’ shipments as if they were our own, and each and every booking matters. Our Client Care and Operations team are fully dedicated to providing 5-star client support, which helps us stand out from the competition.

3) Carriers

We are working with almost 900 carriers, and are actively vetting, rating, and adding new ones into the system, all for the purpose of improving our online freight marketplace. Having a choice matters, and we invest into assisting our customers to make informed choices.

4) Lanes

When you quote on our website, our system searches through over 19 billion lanes! And we’re working hard on continuously adding new ones so we could help our customers get the best rates instantly and compare them with a single click. Our cross-border coverage has significantly improved since the last year. We have comprehensive automated guaranteed FTL coverage across the United States and rail coverage across Canada and the United States.

5) Website Improvements

Our website is our pride and joy, and we believe in constant improvement! We have implemented significant changes to our website, such as adding our freight density and freight class calculator, and are currently building an external quote machine API for eCommerce companies, and a mobile app! Also, we have recently published our Help Center, all in the hope of making our customers’ lives easier.

6) Green Freight

We believe in sustainability, clean energy, and green freight, and we are outspoken on these important topics. We also win awards! In this open letter to Canadian businesses, government, and fellow citizens, 100 Clean50 Award Winners and Sustainability Leaders from Canada, including Freightera CEO Eric Beckwitt, explain why we need to take significant steps towards fighting climate change and building a low carbon future at home. Our CEO has also been selected as one of the keynote speakers at this year’s CleanTech Innovation Showcase, especially important in light of proposed legislation to support Washington state’s transition to carbon-neutral energy by 2030 and carbon-free energy by 2045. Eric Beckwitt has also won the Clean50 sustainability award for freight-based digital transformation efforts, and our company has been featured in the State of Vancouver’s Green Economy 2018 report by the Vancouver Economic Commission. In addition to that, we have been showcased in the 2018 G7 Summit Edition of Climate Change – The New Economy (CCTNE).

7) Industry Involvement

We are an active player in the rapidly growing digital brokerage industry, as noted in the article by Silpa Paul, Frost & Sullivan commercial vehicles industry analyst, and in Frost & Sullivan’s article on freight automation, where Freightera has been listed along with Uber Freight and Convoy.

8) Growth Potential and Market Traction

Freightera’s impressive market traction and revenue growth to date, as well as future growth potential, have earned us the “2019 Ready to Rocket” placement among top private technology companies in British Columbia.


So much we have already achieved, yet we have a long way to go. But we don’t fret – with our amazing team, customers, carriers, and investors – everything is possible! 🙂

Visit us at or contact us at 1800 886 4870 ext 1, or at [email protected] for all inquiries.

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