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Bill of Lading (BOL or B/L)

A Bill of Lading, also known at BOL or B/L, is a contractual document between carrier and shipper including details of shipment, often used as a receipt given to the person shipping the goods.

BOL or Bill of lading

More Details:

The bill of lading or BOL is the contract between shipper and carrier, broker or agent that binds the parties together and defines all aspects of the freight shipping arrangement including what is being shipped, to whom, who the freight charges are to be billed to and any additional information that may be relevant.

The Bill of Lading is the document that will be referred to by the carrier for all relevant shipping information. It is considered best practice to double check that the addresses, contact information, custom broker (if applicable) and any other relevant shipment information are all correct on your Bill of Lading. Any changes that need to be made with the carrier after the freight has been picked up can incur additional charges and cause transit delays. Unless otherwise instructed, it is important to use your Freightera Bill of Lading to ensure accurate billing and transit time.

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