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LTL Freight Rate Update

January 28, 2022
New LTL Freight Rate Update: California to Ontario & Quebec See examples of our new LTL freight rates below, for 5 skids with the dimensions of 48 x 48 x…

Freightera Launches The Nearshoring Canada Directory

January 21, 2022
Freightera and Supply Chain Canada launch The Nearshoring Directory, a potential sourcing solution that could revolutionize the way the supply chain works See below the official press release from Supply…

Ship Pallets from Vancouver to LA for $200!

January 19, 2022
[Updated June 2023] New LTL Freight Rates: Ship Pallets from Vancouver BC to Los Angeles CA for as little as $200 USD! Dear shippers, It's been quite a while since…

Quoting for Exactly What You Need

January 13, 2022
There are plenty of reasons to spend a bit more money on a freight shipment. The main ones would be choosing a more reliable carrier, or including a few extra…

An Easy Guide to Freight Quoting and Booking

January 12, 2022
When you’re getting into pretty much anything, there is so much information out there that it can get overwhelming quickly. The first steps are always the hardest and it’s no…

What are Overlength Shipments?

January 11, 2022
Although at Freightera we do our best to make freight shipping as easy as possible, there are still some frustrating things that can happen. We understand how stressful freight shipping…

Less than Truckload Freight Rates: San Diego, CA

December 20, 2021
[Updated June 2023] LTL Freight Rates: from Major Cities in the USA & Canada to San Diego, California Looking to ship a few pallets? Get free freight quotes in seconds,…

New LTL Freight Rates

December 16, 2021
New Pallet Shipping Rates in Canada, USA, and Cross-Border Dear customers, Thank you for shipping freight with Freightera! We wish you happy holidays and a peaceful, successful and healthy New…

Less than Truckload Freight Rates: Atlanta, Georgia

December 13, 2021
[Updated June 2023] LTL Freight Rates: from Major Cities in the USA to Atlanta, Georgia If you're shipping pallets within the USA, you'll be interested in seeing our new rate…

The Types of Docks And The Best Ways to Spot Them

December 13, 2021
[Updated June 2023] If your business ships freight, you likely regularly work with businesses that have docks. That means that, in order to minimize the number of potential issues during…

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