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Big News – Freightera is now 5 YEARS OLD!

Today, May The First 2019, is an important day for us. It may be just a regular hump day for most businesses, but May 1st has always been a significant date for Freightera simply because, on that day, our company [...]

May 1, 2019 About Freight Shipping, Press Releases, Technology & Innovation
Train vs. Truck Freight Shipping, Rail vs. Road Freight Shipping, Freightera

Train vs Truck Transportation – Efficiency, Cost, Advantages & Disadvantages [Infographic]

Freight Train vs Truck – what is more efficient for shipping and what are the advantages and disadvantages of rail vs truck transportation? See our new infographic answering these questions. Train Railways consume up to nine times less energy per [...]

February 12, 2019 About Freight Shipping, Green Freight
Freight Density Calculation Freightera

How to Calculate Freight Density [Infographic]

Depending on how large, heavy, fragile, easy to handle or complex your less than a truckload (i.e. LTL) freight shipment is, it should be priced fairly. Please see our How to Calculate Freight Density infographic below or click here to [...]

February 10, 2019 About Freight Shipping, Freight Rates, Welcome to Freightera Blog
How to Calculate Freight Rates Infographic Freightera

How to Calculate Freight Rates [Infographic]

Freight Cost Calculation Used to Be a Pain Shippers that don’t need to fill a full truck can save big time shipping their freight using the less than a truckload (LTL) service, shipping just a few skids, pallets or crates [...]

January 10, 2019 About Freight Shipping, Freight Rates, LTL Shipping ABC
Plastic Pallet vs Wood Pallet, Advantages and Disadvantages Freightera photo

Plastic Pallets vs. Wood Pallets: Differences, Advantages and Disadvantages

It’s fair to say that pallets move the world. They are an essential part of the modern supply chain. We use pallets for storage and transportation. Plastic pallets can double as product displays in the stores. Typically, pallets are made [...]

August 14, 2018 About Freight Shipping, LTL Shipping ABC
Eric Beckwitt, CEO of Freightera, speaking at the Surface Transportation Summit

Freightera invited to speak at the Surface Transportation Summit in Toronto

Meet us in Toronto! 🙂 Eric Beckwitt, Freightera CEO has just been invited to speak on the freight brokerage industry at the annual Surface Transportation Summit in Toronto. Past speakers at the Summit include representatives from RBC Capital Markets, ScotiaBank, [...]

March 2, 2018 About Freight Shipping
Shipping container markings infographic Freightera


Container Markings. What Do They Mean? See our newest explainer infographic answering this question. Everyone who works with shipping containers uses the container markings. All markings have a meaning and understanding it is critical for handling containers, whether you are [...]

March 2, 2018 About Freight Shipping
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How to Avoid Freight Damage

How to Avoid Freight Damage and how to deal with damage if it does happen The uncomfortable truth is: shipments do get damaged. It happens rarely in the freight industry (to less than 1% of shipments) but it does happen, [...]

January 5, 2018 About Freight Shipping
Road vs Rail Shipping Freightera

Shipping by Road or Rail: Pros & Cons

In the normal day to day business of freight transportation, there are several modes of transport such as road, rail, air, and sea. The 2 modes of transport used for the movement of goods overland and across continents is Road [...]

August 4, 2017 About Freight Shipping, Freight Shipping Solution, Green Freight
LTL vs FTL: Pros & Cons Freightera


If you are in the business of shipping goods across the USA or Canada using land transport, you are concerned about cost-effectiveness, timely delivery and the safety of your shipment. As there are multiple modes of moving your cargo, it’s [...]

July 14, 2017 About Freight Shipping, LTL Shipping ABC