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Ship a Pallet in 15 Easy Steps: Quick Guide to Pallet Shipping for Beginners

September 30, 2019
How to Ship a Pallet Step-by-Step: Choose the Pallet Type & Size, Package & Prepare Your Pallet for Shipping You’re new to pallet shipping, and want to save time and…

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Good News for our Shippers: Freightera White Glove Dedicated Truck Partnership

September 19, 2019
We Now Offer Guaranteed, Dedicated Truck Deliveries and Special Services – All Included in the Price! If you're like most of our shippers -- you'll often have time-critical shipments that…


May 14, 2019
If you are in the business of shipping goods across the USA or Canada using land transport, you are concerned about cost-effectiveness, timely delivery, and the safety of your shipment.…

Time to Learn Freight Terms [Infographic]

May 1, 2019
Learn Freight Terms & Lingo with Freightera! Updated May 2019 [caption id="attachment_2157" align="alignnone" width="630"] Time to Learn Freight Terms - Infographics by @Freightera![/caption] New to shipping freight? Confused by the…

How to Calculate Freight Rates [Infographic]

January 10, 2019
How to Calculate Freight Rates Updated May 2019 Many factors go into calculating freight rates and doing it on a case by case basis is very time-consuming. Phone tag is…

Plastic Pallets vs. Wood Pallets: Differences, Advantages and Disadvantages

August 14, 2018
Plastic Pallets vs. Wood Pallets: Differences, Advantages and Disadvantages It’s fair to say that pallets move the world as they are an essential part of the modern supply chain. We…

Pallet vs Skid vs Crate [Infographic]

April 13, 2018
What are the differences between pallet, skid, and crate? [Updated May 2019] Not sure if you need a pallet, skid, or crate? It’s easy to get confused because people often…

How to Avoid Extra Charges in Freight Shipping

January 14, 2016
For small and medium sized business, warehouses, manufacturers, distributors and importers, controlling freight shipping costs can be essential to maintaining the profitability of product lines, or even the success of…

5 Shipper Best Practices: Ensure Your Shipment Arrives Safe and On Time

January 13, 2016
New to Freightera? Please read these best practices. Rest easy, we will do everything in our power to ensure your shipment travels safely and in a timely manner. Our 5-star…