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Shipping to Amazon fulfillment centers

July 10, 2020
Ship to Amazon fulfillment centers/Amazon FBA with us! Since 2014, we have been helping businesses reduce their shipping costs while transporting freight within Canada and the United States as quickly…

Freightera Customer Reviews – May 2020

June 2, 2020
May has been an awesome month for Freightera! Nothing makes us happier than making our customers happy. And they have been very happy lately! Below are all reviews we have…

Freightera is TIA 2020 Award Finalist and is Launching SaaS Model

May 1, 2020
Freightera Celebrates 6th Birthday as Technology Impact 2020 Award Finalist and Preparing to Launch SaaS Model in May Today, on May the First, we are celebrating our 6th birthday at…

Global Status of the Physical Internet

April 28, 2020
Interview with Benoit Montreuil, Professor, School of Industrial and Systems Engineering; Director, Physical Internet Center; Director, Supply Chain & Logistics Institute, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta Interviewed by Eric Beckwitt,…

AI and Climate Change: What’s Next

April 18, 2020
Interview with Juvarya Veltkamp: Can Technology Save The Planet Juvarya Veltkamp is the Green Economy Initiatives Manager for the City of Vancouver, working in this role for more than 10…

Freightera Wins 2020 Ready to Rocket Placement

April 16, 2020
For the second year, Freightera makes the list of private BC companies best positioned for high growth and acquisition, according to a predictive model by Rocket Builders VANCOUVER, British Columbia,…

Freightera Creates Local Sourcing Community

April 14, 2020
March 16th was the first day when Freightera shipments started to plummet in sync with the whole Canadian economy. COVID-19 disruption of most of our customers' businesses due to their…

Stay Well, Stay Safe, Have Some Fun!

April 3, 2020
TGIF! Stay Well, Stay Safe, Have Some Fun! Our Ideas for Newly Remote Teams Happy Friday! If you’re quarantining, the distinction between days of the week may blur. Would you…

Shipping Medical and Other Essential Supplies

April 2, 2020
Gloves, Zip Lock Bags, Masks, Gowns, Hand Sanitizers, etc. On Wednesday we received an urgent call from the BC Government's COVID-19 Supply Hub to purchase medical and other essential supplies.…

An Island of Stability in COVID-19 Times

March 26, 2020
Letter from Freightera CEO As we face these challenging times, most of us are preoccupied with the same thoughts: how will COVID-19 affect our lives, jobs, businesses, and communities? As…

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