A Better Way to Ship Freight

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Our vision is to offer you a better way to ship freight – transparent, best priced and stress-free. That's how FREIGHTERA was created, a 5-star B2B freight service now trusted by over 3,000 manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and other businesses shipping freight in the US, Canada and US-Canada cross-border.

Freightera offers cloud-based B2B online freight marketplace with 100s of reliable LTL and FTL carriers, where you can search and compare instant all-inclusive freight quotes and book shipments online 24/7. It's is also the greener way to go: more efficient shipping means lower energy use and carbon output! When it comes to people, planet and profit, Freightera helps you run a sustainable business. That way, we all benefit!

Yes, we may be a little biased, but we think you will love our rates and service just like other happy shippers that gave us awesome reviews. Don't ship anything until you check our prices. It's easy, instant and free. Register today and get unlimited access to exclusive rates from hundreds of carriers. Let the system search over 6 billion freight lanes, and book the deal you want with a click of a button. New to shipping freight We're here to answer all your questions and hold your hand.

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FREIGHTERA. A Better Way to Ship Freight.