Freightera Team

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Freightera’s team combines business acumen, technical expertise and a passion for helping customers and creating high impact win-win solutions.

Eric Beckwitt, CEO

Eric Beckwitt, Founder and CEO

Eric is the chief architect and system developer. His passion is to work at the intersection of multiple disciplines and technologies, bringing sharp people together to solve complex problems and create win-win solutions that are highly efficient, profitable, and sustainable. He has successfully found funding for, designed, engineered, and managed diverse IT projects, ranging from multimillion-acre reports to Congress and the President of the US to global websites for international organizations and businesses for 25 years. He is well known in the environmental planning community and his work has been featured in CNN International, The San Francisco Chronicle, and The Today Show, among others and is the recipient of numerous grants and awards.

Zhenya Beck, Director of Marketing

Zhenya Beck, Founder, Product Development and Marketing

Zhenya is a marketing expert with 18 years of experience. Originally trained as a journalist, and after successful career in the field, she switched to web development where she saw the future was heading. She founded a web design company that helped customers to expand their brands online. Giving small business the high-end quality not accessible on small budgets became her mission that was possible through efficiency, creativity and collaboration. Zhenya directed the design process that won the “Best Transportation Website” WebAward, 2016 Technology Impact Award and received BCTIA Women in Technology 2016 honorable mention. She is responsible for marketing strategy and communications at Freightera. She has an MA in Journalism and UBC/DAA Award of Achievement in Digital Analytics.

Todd Buchanan, Strategy and Execution

Todd Buchanan, Advisor, Strategy and Execution

Todd has worked with Fortune 500, public and private companies, on the creation and implementation of business process management methods and technology. Mr. Buchanan has held a range of senior executive positions including: President and CEO; Vice President Marketing & Sales; VP & General Manager of Operations. He founded SiCam Systems Corporation, a hi-tech company that conducts research, development and international deal delivery of highly specialized process management technology products and professional consulting services. Most recently, Todd was a founding executive on the LYFE Kitchen and Luvo food brands in the position of Vice President, Strategy and Execution where he was primarily responsible for raising the capital required from start-up through hyper growth, overseeing investor relations and building the operating plan and technology infrastructure to scale the business. He serves on the boards of a number of companies.

Norris Phillippe, Director, Corporate Finance

Norris Phillippe, Director of Corporate Finance

Norris worked for 20 years in the freight industry across Canada, the US and overseas in a variety of senior management positions with air freight, trucking, courier and ocean shipping companies. In more recent years, he was the Co-founder, President & General Manager of Enterprise CodeWorks, a software development and business consulting company with clients ranging from local startups to multinationals. His entrepreneurial experience and background knowledge of Freightera’s two core business components provide a great deal of support to Freightera’s management and other team members. Norris has an MBA from the University of Liverpool.

Ross Pollock, Director of Operations

Ross Pollock, Director of Operations

Ross brings over 25 years’ experience in sales, management and customer service. His experience in warehousing and distribution management gives him a true understanding of what customers are looking for in their freight shipping solutions. At Freightera his responsibilities include carrier partnerships, sales, customer retention and operations.

Advisory Board

Stephanie Sharp is a finance expert who has advised and led over $17 billion in deals in more than 400 industries worldwide. Stephanie balances innovative strategies with practical approaches. Her clients include some of the biggest most well-known organizations in the world, such as Bank of America, Barrick Gold, BC Hydro, Best Buy, Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, HSBC Bank and many others.