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Oct, 2018
Few things I must share about Freightera...

My items had to shipped across north America and after long and painful research and shopping for price it all came to an end when I made a contact with Freightera's representative. They're pricing was by far most affordable. Support, communication about pick up , shipping, delivery and tracking was outstanding...
Roy Choueiri
1 review

August, 2018
Impeccable business professionalism.

The service provided helps to fully automate your operations by making sure the carriers compete for your satisfaction. The service inherently looks to providing a greener solution by making sure trucks do not leave half empty across North America helping to reduce emissions and inefficiencies...
Bob Dylan
1 review

Jun , 2018
We're a small company that ships across Canada occasionally.

It's not something we do often so we don't have a dedicated shipping department or the knowledge base that comes from repetition. Freightera makes the process so easy and seamless I'm amazed at the simplicity everytime we ship something. Whether it's once a year like us or weekly, shipping with Freightera is as easy as a call...

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