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Bob Dylan
1 review

Jun 23, 2018
We're a small company that ships across Canada occasionally. It's not something we do often so we don't have a dedicated shipping department or the knowledge base that comes from repetition. Freightera makes the process so easy and seamless …
Gear Out Here .com
3 reviews

Mar , 2018
We have been working with Freightera for all of our freight needs, and they have never disappointed! In fact they always go out of their way to get better rates, correct rare mistakes (even our own) and will call us outside of their hours …
Alice Burns
1 review

Jan , 2018
Freightera is an exceptional company to work with as they help you every step of the way! Ana Vasilijevic was such a joy and her knowledge refreshing. I was new to their site/company and she walked me through each step. When I questioned …

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