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social responsibility is a guide, a moral compass

What is social responsibility?

When we first put a heart on our website and banners, it felt courageous. Yes, it’s how we feel about our business and our contribution, but how does it look in the eyes of our partners and customers? Can the [...]

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2016 TIA Awards BCTIA

Freightera selected finalist in 2016 Technology Impact Awards #2016TIA

Good news for team Freightera and our customers that appreciate our super-easy to use, time and money saving freight shipping solution! Freightera has been selected among finalists for the 2016 Technology Impact Award (TIA) in Excellence in Product Innovation. All [...]

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Why we do what we do

Many books and articles have been written about why we do what we do, what makes us motivated. I’ve asked my team to answer this question and the results were beautiful and inspiring. I felt grateful once again to be [...]

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Watch our video to see how easy it is to ship freight online with Freightera

Compare freight rates from 100s of carriers instantly – watch Freightera video

Compare freight rates from hundreds of reliable carriers & save 50-85% every time you ship. Take a minute to watch Freightera video: shipping truckload and LTL freight just became as easy as booking flights on Expedia or your favorite travel [...]

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How to Avoid Extra Charges in Freight Shipping

For small and medium sized business, warehouses, manufacturers, distributors and importers, controlling freight shipping costs can be essential to maintaining the profitability of product lines, or even the success of the business itself. Following please find several essential steps to [...]

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5-star Google review for Freightera

Thank you for your 5-star review, Elisabeth Turner & Peter Grasman of Essential Chem Inc!

Thank you so much Elisabeth Turner and Peter Grasman of Essential Chem Inc, for your 5-star Google review! We appreciate you! [...]

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5 Shipper Best Practices: Ensure Your Shipment Arrives Safe and On Time

New to Freightera? Please read these best practices. Rest easy, we will do everything in our power to ensure your shipment travels safely and in a timely manner. Our 5-star customer service team is just a phone call away. Please [...]

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Nipigon River Bridge Accident Causes Road Closure in Ontario

Shipping Freight in Canada? Nipigon Bridge Failure May Affect Your Shipment

Manufacturers, distributors and other businesses shipping freight in Canada, this may affect your shipment. A newly constructed Nipigon River Bridge in northern Ontario heaved apart on January 10th, indefinitely closing the Trans-Canada highway (the main road connecting Eastern and Western [...]

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New 5-star Google review for Freightera

Thank You For Your Google Reviews Sebastien Ellis & Cedric Deltrandre


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Freightera 5-Star Google Reviews

Thank You Vanessa of Make Your Mark for Your 5-star Review


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