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Freightera Celebrates First Year with 1.8 Billion Freight Lanes in Canada and US

North American businesses just got access to vast new online freight rate inventory in Canada, US and US-Canada cross-border transportation markets Vancouver, BC July 6, 2015 Freightera, North America’s online freight marketplace offering business shippers instant fixed-cost quotes from carriers [...]

July 6, 2015 Welcome to Freightera Blog
Freight truck in the field of green grass

A Green Future for Freight Shipping in North America?

Freight transportation is polluting and wasteful. Freightera is working on a solution. Freightera doesn’t just make it easier to find the lowest-priced rate among carriers to ship your goods. Ultimately, we see our solution as a way to help ensure [...]

July 2, 2015 Freight Shipping Solution, Green Freight, Technology & Innovation, Welcome to Freightera Blog
Eric Beckwitt, CEO of Freightera, presenting industry-changing freight platform. Photo curtsey of BCTIA

Eric Beckwitt presenting Freightera and the future of online freight shipping at BCTIA HyperGrowth

Freightera’s Eric Beckwitt speaking about the future of online freight shipping at BCTIA #HyperGrowth pitch event on June 16, 2015. Freightera has just celebrated 1-year anniversary with over one billion freight lanes opened in Canada and the US. Traditional freight [...]

June 16, 2015 Welcome to Freightera Blog
US-Canada cross border shipping puzzle

Freightera Expands Freight Shipping Coverage 5000% to Serve All Canadian and US-Canada Cross-Border Destinations just expanded its shipping coverage to all Canada, including inbound and outbound coverage to US destinations Vancouver, BC April 27, 2015 freight shipping marketplace, offering instant online quoting and booking for Canadian and US-Canada cross-border markets, just expanded [...]

April 30, 2015 Freight Shipping Solution, US-Canada Cross Border
Freight Shipping Warehouse Freightera Photo

Shipping can be a hassle. These 4 productivity tips will lower your stress

Need to ship to different locations each week? Concerned you’re paying too much? Exhausted by the end of each day? You’re not alone. There never seem to be enough hours in a day of the shipper to get it all done. [...]

March 30, 2015 About Freight Shipping, Freight Shipping Solution, Technology & Innovation
Tonka Ford F-750 truck and a toy Tonka

Men love trucks. Tonka brings warm feelings to our hearts. Tonka-inspired F-750 medium-duty truck got our attention!

MEN LOVE TRUCKS. I get to experience it every time I talk to people, especially men, about Freightera. They love the idea. I think, of course, it’s a company about one of those big things in life that men love [...]

March 6, 2015 Welcome to Freightera Blog

Canadian Financing Forum features Freightera

Vancouver, BC March 2, 2015 Freightera was featured among innovative high growth technology companies at the Canadian Financing Forum on February 19-20, 2015. Following a well-received pitch, Freightera was invited to present at Angel Forum in Vancouver. 18 select companies [...]

March 2, 2015 Welcome to Freightera Blog
Canada and US flags symbolizing friendship and trade relationship between countries

US-Canada Cross Border Freight Shipping: 5 Documents You Need

You’re a US manufacturer looking to export your valuable widgets into Canada, or a Canadian getting your goods to the super-sized American market. You’re in good company; nearly $700 billion worth of goods gets shipped across the US-Canada border every [...]

February 6, 2015 About Freight Shipping, Freight Shipping Solution, US-Canada Cross Border
Interesting facts about truck transportation

Bright Future for American Truckers and Freight Brokers – Infographic

Don’t you love infographics? American truckers and freight brokers have many good reasons to be optimistic about their future according to this great one by JW Surety Bonds. Trucking is an impressive $790 billion industry. 82% of all goods in the [...]

October 17, 2014 About Freight Shipping, Trucking Industry Statistics, Welcome to Freightera Blog
Truxpo 2014

We joined BCTA, the BC Trucking Association!

As a new company in the freight industry we are constantly looking for ways to spread the word about ourselves. We offer a unique and very useful instant freight booking service: the more people know about us, the more customers [...]

October 3, 2014 Welcome to Freightera Blog