Day And Ross Transport Surrey BC

Years in operation
1962 to PRESENT

Day and Ross Transport TL is a national carrier with complete LTL & TL coverage within Canada and between Canada, the USA and Mexico. They started out hauling potatoes from New Brunswick to Quebec in a single truck. Today, Day and Ross Transport TL moves a full range of freight from thousands of vehicles and trailers, using 34 terminals. They provide reliable and secure direct service to over 90 percent of Canada’s population. They are a national carrier with LTL and TL service anywhere in Canada, and to and from the United States, as well as scheduled TL operations to and from Mexico.

Why Choose Day And Ross Transport

One of the most trusted names in transporting freight in North America, they’ve been in business over 65 years, serving Canadian shippers from coast to coast. Day and Ross Transport TL has more than 2,200 employees.


LTL and TL service in Canada and to and from the USA, with scheduled TL operations to and from Mexico.


Day and Ross operates a well-maintained fleet of vehicles, with 1200 power units and over 2000 dry, temperature controlled, special commodity and LCV trailers to ensure cargo arrives safely and in good condition.

Head Office:
Hartland, NB Canada

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