Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc.

Years in operation
1956 to present

OD is a leading LTL carrier providing premium trade show logistics nationwide in the USA. OD’s claims ratio and on-time delivery record are among the best in the industry, and has a vast network of over 222 service centers, making OD ideal for securely transporting your show materials to any location in the USA. They also offer nationwide coverage in Canada for both LTL and TL.

Why Choose Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc.

From a single truck running a 94-mile route in Virginia to a global transportation company with nearly 15,000 employees, OD has a rich and proud heritage. The company is a leading LTL, union-free company providing super-regional and national LTL service. Through strategic partnerships, the company also offers international freight forwarding services throughout the world. OD consistently has one of the lowest claims ratios and best on-time records in the industry.


OD offers customers a broad range of logistics services including ground and air expedited transportation, supply chain consulting, transportation management, truckload brokerage and container delivery and warehousing. In addition, Old Dominion offers a consumer product for household moving: OD Household Services. Numerous options for domestic USA delivery, expedited and cross-border shipping into anywhere in Canada.


OD operates a huge fleet of 5,800 tractors and 9,800 trailers across the North American continent.


Head Office:
Thomasville, NC USA

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