Vitran Express

TL, LTL Services

Years in operation
1969 to present

Vitran Logistics is a leading regional and national LTL and TL service provider. With 15 terminals in major metropolitan areas across 10 provinces, freight is transported over the highway or via rail intermodal service. Vitran also provides a premium expedited service between Central and Western Canada for time sensitive shipments, reducing transit time by as much as 40% by utilizing driver teams.

Why Choose Vitran Express Tl

Vitran Logistics is a recognized leader in transportation and distribution across Canada offering superior coverage, flexibility and consistent performance for your LTL and TL shipping needs. Owning and managing assets across the country means better control of your freight shipments as they move to their final delivery point.


Vitran Logistics provides national long haul, regional and trans-border services. Efficient and economical transcontinental intermodal service provided between Central and Western Canada. Direct daily departures within and between Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada featuring next day delivery to most locations along the Windsor-Quebec corridor. Service to and from the United States with Central Transport, a Warren Michigan based LTL service provider with national coverage throughout the U.S.


Vitran Logistics has one of Canada’s largest fleets of domestic containers and chassis with cube available in both dry and insulated heat containers.


Head Office:
Concord, ON Canad

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