How Freightera can help grocers and small businesses ship and manage all their freight easily, online

Whether you run a convenience store, a boutique, a greengrocer shop, or anything in between – we can move your freight where it needs to go. 

Accessible pricing & instant quotes

Our user-friendly and reliable online platform allows you to get quotes from multiple carriers in as little as 15 seconds. You simply enter your shipment information, and quotes will appear in a matter of seconds on the screen. You can compare freight shipping quotes from 100s of carriers, instantly. 

Our ever-expanding network of trusted carriers in North America allows us to leverage our collective buying power, securing exclusive rates and saving you and your business a lot of time and money.

Exceptional customer service

At Freightera you can expect super-responsive 5-star customer service. Our employees recognize and understand shippers and their needs. As opposed to carriers and freight brokers that still largely work on their rates and shipments manually, we developed an innovative online platform for that. It creates time for us  to offer our expertise and better service to our customers

We  can address your needs quickly, efficiently, and courteously

Automated bill of lading (BOL) generation

Once you’ve selected a carrier of your choice and booked your shipment, our system will automatically generate a filled-out bill of lading for you and send it to you via email. You can also find it on your shipper dashboard if needed. 

Lower emissions without compromising pricing

Another bonus is lower emissions shipping that comes without an increase in cost. We do this by working with more efficient lower-emission trucking companies rail, and intermodal carriers offering quality service at competitive rates.

🡆 Get free freight shipping quotes in 15 seconds at Freightera, and streamline your shopping journey. Ask us for help when needed.

Thank you for your interest in Freightera!

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Free Freight Quotes

For Businesses

Examples of LTL Quotes:

LTL rate
$201 CAD
Toronto ON to Edmonton AB
*Sample rates to ship LTL, 1 pallet, 500lb
LTL rate
$136 USD
Albany NY to Baltimore MD
*Sample rates to ship LTL, 1 pallet, 500lb
LTL rate
$339 CAD
Toronto ON to Los Angeles CA
*Sample rates to ship LTL, 1 pallet, 500lb