Ship Sustainably, Ship Green

You may already know that the freight industry is one of the biggest greenhouse gas emissions contributors. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to do everything in our power to reduce our impact as much as possible without compromising the service and pricing.

Sustainability at the core of our services

A part of our company’s mission is to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible without compromising the service and pricing. Our low-emission carriers have helped over 600 businesses reduce their CO2 emissions by more than 20% in 2022, and 130 businesses have reduced their emissions by over 50%.

Low-emission carriers

We work with lower-emission carriers who use either new engine technologies or rail freight systems to help transport cargo at a lower ecological cost. Rail shipping, for example, is the greenest option available when it comes to moving freight on land, and we actively promote it as it significantly reduces emissions while maintaining lower shipping prices.

Shipping greener and cheaper

Freightera has partnered with SmartWay, allowing us to display emissions badges that help you track how much of a difference in emissions your freight carrier choice provides. Given that the most eco-friendly option is usually rail transport, it’s also most often the cheapest.

Learn more about Freightera’s green freight mission, or go get your freight quote right now for free at Freightera.

If you need assistance, contact our excellent customer care team at any time via online chat, at [email protected] or at (800) 886-4870 Ext. 1.

Thanks for joining us in making the switch to sustainable shipping! 😊

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Examples of LTL Rates:

LTL rate
$135 CAD
Markham ON to Edmonton AB
*Sample rates to ship LTL, 1 pallet, 500lb
LTL rate
$151 USD
Portland OR to San Francisco CA
*Sample rates to ship LTL, 1 pallet, 500lb
LTL rate
$162 USD
Toronto ON to Newark NJ
*Sample rates to ship LTL, 1 pallet, 500lb

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Great people! Awesome Service! Wonderful follow-up! Freightera has helped streamline my LTL shipping. I’m looking forward to working with them on my heavy haul shipments.
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