Intermodal Freight Services

Intermodal freight transport is movement of cargo using more than one means of transportation (via rail, road and sea).

Through our intermodal service which operates from all major seaports in the USA and Canada, we can provide seamless connections for your cargo to all the major inland commercial centers.

We invite you to use our experience, knowledge, and scope of services to help you with your shipping.

We have an extensive rail freight coverage, FTL freight, heavy haul, with a varied inventory of:

  • Freight containers
  • Road freight trailers
  • Roll chassis

Our intermodal freight transport offers you an optimized routing and range which enables you to load/discharge your cargo in the proximity of the manufacturing points.

This gives you a substantial reduction in the length of the transit which also saves you a lot of money.

Please use our intermodal freight transport services and enjoy better shipping rates and transit time. Better for the planet too!

Thank you for your interest in Freightera 😊

Contact us at or at 1800 886 4870 ext 1.

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Examples of Intermodal Shipping Rates

Intermodal shipment rates fluctuate with demand and backhaul. Please contact us via (800) 886-4870 Ext 1. or email us to discuss your long haul shipment. Let us help you get better rates and ship more responsibly!
Great service, great customer service. Great overall experience.
The site was very easy to use and very quick. Simple to place a pick up once I received my quote instantly. I like that I can get a quote from various shippers and decide on my price.