Guaranteed Freight Shipping Services in Canada

If you need to ship something to, from, or within Canada and want to ensure timely delivery without the risk of transit delays, our guaranteed shipping services are the answer.

No matter the size of your business, urgent is urgent. If you need a shipment delivered ASAP, our carriers provide Guaranteed Services for just your needs.

When you request guaranteed services, carriers have a very strong incentive to be punctual. They will also have your shipment marked in their system as urgent which is not the case for standard shipments.

If your shipment is delayed for whatever reason preventable by the carrier, you will get your money back. It’s as simple as that. Depending on the carrier, this may mean a partial or a full refund.

That being said, there are situations where the carrier simply cannot guarantee delivery such as if they don’t service either the pickup or delivery location, or if your shipment is oversized and difficult to maneuver.

Here are some more situations where a delivery cannot be guaranteed:

  • Shipments with pre-scheduled appointments
  • Shipments that are not ready on the pickup date and picked up late 
  • Shipments going to locations that the carrier doesn’t service directly (delivered by a partner carrier)
  • Oversized shipments (due to regulations and paperwork outside of the carrier’s control)
  • Shipments that require tailgates/liftgates (due to equipment availability)

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The limitations and rules as to what can and cannot be delivered under a guarantee vary from carrier to carrier. That is why you should always consult your super-friendly shipping experts at Freightera before booking a guaranteed service shipment. Make sure to specify that you require this service at the time of getting your quote.

If you need a Guaranteed Shipping Service, write to us at [email protected], call us at (800) 886-4870 Ext. 1, or chat with us.

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Examples of LTL Rates:

LTL rate
$135 CAD
Markham ON to Edmonton AB
*Sample rates to ship LTL, 1 pallet, 500lb
LTL rate
$151 USD
Portland OR to San Francisco CA
*Sample rates to ship LTL, 1 pallet, 500lb
LTL rate
$162 USD
Toronto ON to Newark NJ
*Sample rates to ship LTL, 1 pallet, 500lb
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