Ship to Amazon Fulfillment Centers

Freight shipping tends to be one of the largest supplemental costs of your products

If your business is shipping toys, glassware, or even mailboxes to Amazon Fulfillment Centers, we can help you reduce shipping costs and ultimately improve your bottom line by choosing the best and most reliable carriers to ship your products.

Examples of essential products that businesses are shipping to Amazon FBA:

  • Medical supplies (masks, gloves, paper cups, sanitizers, disinfectants, shoe covers, medical gowns, safety/protective goggles, face shields, thermometers, ventilators, coveralls, zip lock bags, diagnostic equipment, etc.)
  • Canned goods and groceries
  • Pet food and pet supplies
  • Baby products
  • Health, beauty and personal care products
  • Household products
  • Industrial products
  • Scientific products

At our online freight marketplace, you can get your freight shipments instantly booked and delivered anywhere in the USA, Canada,  and cross-border… 

Shipping documentation is automatically generated, and our super-friendly Client Care team is here to assist you every step of the way.

Our rates are all-inclusive and backed by our Rate Defense program to prevent any unfair carrier charges.

If you’re quoting online on Freightera, please indicate that you’re shipping to Amazon FBA by clicking “Amazon” at the delivery location:

A screenshot showing the Amazon special handling option on the Freightera website

Let us take the burden of freight on us.

All you need to do on your end is provide us with your Amazon Seller ID and reference numbers and include the number of units and boxes of the product that you are shipping.

Please note that Amazon appointments are scheduled directly through the Amazon Online Portal and neither Freightera nor the carrier have any control over the date or time of the assigned appointment, as this is solely controlled by Amazon.

If you still have questions about how to ship your cargo to Amazon FBA, contact our super-friendly Client Care team of shipping experts to guide you through the entire process.

Contact us via online chat, email [email protected], or call (800) 886-4870 Ext. 1.

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Examples of LTL Rates:

LTL rate
$135 CAD
Markham ON to Edmonton AB
*Sample rates to ship LTL, 1 pallet, 500lb
LTL rate
$207 CAD
Portland OR to San Francisco CA
*Sample rates to ship LTL, 1 pallet, 500lb
LTL rate
$222 CAD
Toronto ON to Newark NJ
*Sample rates to ship LTL, 1 pallet, 500lb
I saved over 50% using Freightera over my previous company. The customer support staff was very helpful. I will definitely be using Freightera for all my future LTL shipments. Thank you Freightera!!!
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Great people! Awesome Service! Wonderful follow-up! Freightera has helped streamline my LTL shipping. I’m looking forward to working with them on my heavy haul shipments.
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