All-Inclusive Rates Guarantee

A 2-minute read that will help you understand how our freight rates guarantee works, and what are the necessary requirements from transport carriers to follow.

The guidelines below will help you get the rates you need and have an easy, stress-free shipping experience

Imagine, you are quoted a good price, but your bill comes a bit higher. We've all been there at some point and know how frustrating it feels.

We will protect you from carriers trying to overcharge you, but you need to do your part too.

Please see the detailed terms below, but the main principle is very simple: we guarantee that our rates are all-inclusive as long as you ship exactly what you quoted and include all required special services.

Please see the detailed terms below:

Freight packaging

  1. Good shipping starts with good packaging. In rare cases when packaging breaks, carriers will repack the contents and bill the extra charge.
  2. Pack your products in high-quality carton boxes, making sure that the items within the boxes can’t damage each other. Package every item individually.
  3. Use cushioning inside the boxes: they should be completely filled. Bubble wrap and foam peanuts are the best choice for this.
  4. Distribute the weight evenly when stacking your packages on the pallet, putting the lighter packages on top and heavier ones on the bottom. The pallet should not be too high.
  5. Secure the pallet by shrinkwrapping it and using flat cardboard every couple of rows, and putting corner beads around the edges.
  6. Make sure to strap the box to the pallet.


  1. Use correct dimensions, weight and NMFC class
    • If the dimensions and weight differ from those quoted, this will impact the final rate and your bill will be adjusted.
    • For cross-border and domestic US shipping: make sure to enter the correct class and NMFC code. Incorrect class will give incorrect rates.
  2. Select all the special handling services you need
    • Review special handling options for your pick up and delivery locations carefully and select all that apply. If your load ends up requiring special handling that was not included in the quote, your invoice will be revised with the corrected cost.
  3. Note that the pick up and delivery dates are estimated unless stated otherwise
    • If your shipment needs an exact date for pick up or delivery, select a carrier with guaranteed pick up and delivery times on our website, or let us know beforehand that your shipment is time-sensitive. Our website shows estimated dates only, unless otherwise stated.
  4. Book the same day pickup prior to 12 pm local time
    • The carrier will need some time to process your order and get to the pick up location. Since most locations close at 5 pm, it is advisable to book as soon as possible.


  1. If you have reference numbers for the pick up or delivery locations, please include them in the booking notes
  2. If your pick up and/or delivery locations are residential or limited access locations with special pick up/delivery restrictions, let us know beforehand

After booking

  1. You must use our Bill of Lading (BOL)
    The Bill of Lading (BOL) is automatically generated by Freightera when your shipment is booked. The BOL is your contract with the carrier and must be affixed to the shipment and given to the carrier at pick up to avoid confusion, extra charges and lost shipments. The BOL is emailed to you automatically. You can also find it under 'Shipments'.
  2. Have your customs documents ready
    If you’re shipping cross-border between the US and Canada, you must have a customs broker in the country of entry and provide customs paperwork. The commercial invoice needs to be uploaded to your Freightera account after booking, directly on the booking page, or under 'Shipments'.
  3. Inspect your shipment prior to signing the Proof of Delivery (POD)
    The delivery location needs to verify the shipment is in good order before signing the Proof of Delivery (POD). Carriers will wait without charge for up to 30 minutes while you inspect the shipment. Indicate any loss or damage on the POD before signing, and notify Freightera about the situation within the first 24 hours of the delivery. In order for the claim to be filed with the carrier, the delivery location needs to accept the shipment and hold it until the goods can be inspected.

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