Flatbed Shipping and Freight

Many businesses rely on moving heavy or over-dimensional cargo such as steel structures, towers, construction equipment, cooling towers, boilers, transformers, etc. The best option for transporting such goods is flatbed shipping, which uses trucks with a cab to which a cargo-carrying trailer is attached.

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We only work with trained staff and reputable carriers who have the necessary experience, knowledge, and understanding of flatbed shipping. Each flatbed shipment is different, and our solutions are tailor-made for your requirements.

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Tracking the progress of your shipment is especially important. In many states, flatbed transportation is only allowed during specific times. Since flatbed cargo is usually expensive, and coordination of loading and offloading may depend on many other people and specialists, tracking the shipment is even more important.

Whenever available, our automated system will provide real-time information and 24/7 accessibility and our super-responsive client care team will help you track, trace, and manage your shipments manually when necessary.Β 

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Useful information about flatbed shipping

Flatbed trailers are designed to carry oversized or overweight cargo, and they come in different dimensions and capacities:

Standard Flatbed

  • 42’-53’ in length
  • Used for moving cargo that fits within the 8’6” height/width
  • Does not require special permits or escorts within most state or province transportation systems, if the freight is within the legal height, width, length, and or weight, which is mandated individually by the states/provinces (usually 8.5’ high and wide on a flatbed and up to 44,000 lbs)
  • The variable version of this standard flatbed can extend to a length of up to 70’

Drop/Step Deck Flatbeds

  • 42’-48’ in length
  • The upper deck has a length of 11’-12’ and the same height as a standard flatbed
  • Drop decks are lower than standard flatbeds β€” they accommodate cargo with a max height of 10’2” and a max width of 8’6”
  • The variable version of this drop deck can extend an additional 23’ in length
  • Does not require special permits or escort vehicles in most states or provinces, if the freight does not exceed the legal limit (usually 10’2” high and wide on a step deck, and up to 44,000 lbs in weight, depending on a state or province).

Double Drop Deck Flatbed

  • 42’-48’ in length
  • Front upper deck length of 11’6” and the rear upper deck length of 10’6”
  • The second dropped deck has a length of 20’ or 26’ and a maximum load height of 11’6’ and a width of 8’6”
  • The variable version of this double drop deck can extend an additional 12’ in length
  • Does not require special permits or escort vehicles in most states or provinces, if the freight is within the legal limit (for most this will be 11.5’ high and wide on a double drop and up to 44,000 lbs).

Consider this before booking your flatbed shipment

  • Ensure that the shipping company and its drivers are experienced and well-versed in the movement of flatbed freight, as this requires specialized skills. Make sure they are aware of the safety measures to be taken along the route.
  • Give your shipment some time. Flatbed shipments don’t leave the origin today and reach the destination tomorrow. There are several restrictions along the way in terms of when the shipment can move – so your shipment needs time to reach its destination safe and sound.
  • Make sure the carrier knows the local regulations, as in some cases the flatbed cargo may be well within the regulations of one state, but could require special permits in the next state.
  • Review the route with your flatbed carrier to ensure that all requirements along the way are met.

Let us help you find the best flatbed transportation options. Our knowledgeable shipping experts are here to offer you the best rates, solutions, and service for your needs.

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Examples of Pallet Shipping Rates:

LTL rate
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Vancouver BC to Regina SK
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$253 USD
Miami, FL to Chicago, IL
*Sample rates to ship LTL, 1 pallet, 500lb
LTL rate
$284 USD
Victoria, BC to San Francisco, CA
*Sample rates to ship LTL, 1 pallet, 500lb

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